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Two Sets of CLIRIK Machinery Powder Grinding Mills Deliver To Pakistan

Hello Everyone, this is Stefan from Shanghai CLIRIK Machinery Company.  

Today I am very happy to deliver two sets of grinding mills to the Pakistan market. 

First Part: HGM100L Micro Powder Grinding Mill Delivery

The first machine ready for delivery is 28 roller mill, which we called the HGM100L micro powder grinding mill

HGM100L micro powder grinding mill

HGM100L Micro Powder Grinding Mill-28 Roller Mill

See, this machine is ready to deliver to Nowshewa city of Pakistan

The customer planned to use this machine to process calcium carbonate material. He planned to make 400 mesh to 2500 mesh.

This machine HGM100L micro powder grinding mill is very stable and it is the star products of our company.

So far we have sold so many of these models to the world. And only in Pakistan market, we have over 20 sets of machine over there for this model. 

This customer chooses to change the main mill motor from 132 KW to change to 160 KW. Because he is worried about the electricity supply in Pakistan. 

You know in some countries the electricity supply is not stable, so they want to use a bigger motor to make the machine working more stable.

We just finished the first container uploading,  we are still waiting for the second container coming for uploading.

Some goods still leave here waiting for the second container, like the screw conveyor, the classifier, these kinds of parts.

You can see this is our standard color, which we call ice gray

As for the second machine, the name is YGM1300 high-pressure suspension grinding mill. 

Later I will introduce details to you.

My name is Stefan from Shanghai CLIRIK Machinery Company

See, this is the second container of the HGM-100L 28 roller grinding mill.

Welcome to here this is bag filter.

Now we are ready to upload the lower part of the bag filter.

Second Part: YGM1300 High-pressure Suspension Grinding Mill Delivery

Hello everyone. This is the second machine we are ready to deliver to Pakistan.

This machine's name is YGM1300 high-pressure suspension grinding mill.

YGM1300 high-pressure suspension grinding mill

YGM1300 high-pressure suspension grinding mill

The customer from Lahore, Pakistan purchase the machine from me.

And he plans to process the Plaster of Paris (pop), we called them calcination gypsum, to be 200 mesh powder.

The capacity of this machine can reach 10 tons per hour at least.

For his whole plant he had already purchased the kiln, and now only lack of this machine.

He also plans to buy our 28 roller mill to process the calcium carbonate.

For our YGM series mill and HGM series mill, we covered most markets of Pakistan.

For this machine, this is our main unit of YGM1300 high-pressure suspension grinding mill.

It has four pieces of rollers. And it uses our new technology to make it.

We choose the turbo type of the classifier.

So this classifier can make sure it can separate 400 mesh powder out with 97% passing through rate.

The main unit motor he can choose is 90kw or 110kw depending on the material.

So normally we will match the 110 KW to customers.

Now because the shipping cost is very high to the world.

We also doing our best to try to reduce container quantity to lower to save some shipping costsfor customers.

For this machine, we only choose two sets of 40" HQ containers.

This is the main unit of YGM1300.

This is the jaw crusher, the customer chooses the PE250*400.

This is the gearbox of the main unit.

This is the base, it is very big.

This machine can make 10 tons-12 tons very easily for 200 mesh.

It totally can make 60-400 mesh, the passing through rate can reach 97%.

See, this is the container, the first container.

Totally the machine needs two sets of 40" High Cubic containers.

Actually, In past years normally we choose 3 containers for customers, but now the shipping

cost is very high, so we reduce the containers to try to save the cost of the customer.

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