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News About Grinding Mill

Calcium carbonate superfine grinding powder production line with an annual output of 300,000 tons

The installation process of Guangxi customer's calcium carbonate project with an annual output of 300,000 tons was smooth. This project used 4 superfine mills and 3 superfine vertical mills....

Fire Drill to Further Increase Safety Awareness - CLIRIK Company

In order to enhance people's awareness of fire safety, let everyone know more about the fire handling process, and improve the ability to coordinate and cooperate in the process of dealing with emergencies. CLIRIK held a fire drill on May 9....

What are the potassium feldspar grinding machines? How to choose?

Potassium feldspar after grinding is widely used. So what grinding machines can process potassium feldspar powder? The following will focus on 5 types of potassium feldspar powder grinding equipment....

Happy International Labor Day

International Labor Day is coming. Shanghai CLIRIK Machinery Co.,Ltd. wishes all workers a happy holiday and a full harvest....

What are the options for activated carbon pulverizers?

Activated carbon is a black porous solid carbon. The main component is carbon and contains a small amount of oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine, and other elements. CLIRIK can provide a variety of pulverizer equipment for activated carbon to formulate high-quality complete pulverizing solutions....

How Shanghai Clirik People Facing COVID-Omicron Lockdown

The epidemic situation in ShanghaiAs the highly infectious Omicron variant rages in parts of China, Shanghai, the country’s financial hub and the home of many of its top research institutions, was plunged into a sweeping lockdown earlier this month.China is one of the few remaining countries attemp...

How to choose the plagioclase grinding mill machine?

Plagioclase grinding mill machine is a kind of grinding equipment used to process plagioclase powder. The fineness of plagioclase powder that can be processed ranges from 30 mesh to 3000 mesh....

Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill Working Principle

Ultrafine vertical grinding mill, also known as vertical mill and vertical roller mill, is a commonly used grinding equipment in cement, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals, and other industries....

What is carbon black? What is the use of N220 N330 carbon black?

Carbon black is mainly used as a reinforcing agent and filler for rubber, and its consumption is about half of that of rubber. Carbon black for rubber accounts for 94% of the total carbon black, of which about 60% is used in tire manufacturing....

At the moment of the epidemic, home office guarantees good services

In the face of the rapidly spreading epidemic, under the premise of taking adequate protective measures, the Shanghai region has exerted the enterprise spirit of "diligence, dedication, loyalty and dedication", put customer service and needs first, served "without closing", and c...