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News About Grinding Mill

Happy National Day 2022

October 1st is the National Day of the People's Republic of China.October 1st to October 7th is a legal holiday in China.On this day in 1949, the Chinese people ended the 14-year war and formally established the New China.Every country's National Day is a special day for its people.CLRIK wis...

Advantages and disadvantages of different mica processing methods

Mica is the collective name of the mica group of minerals, which are aluminosilicates of metals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, and lithium. Natural mica minerals mainly include biotite, phlogopite, muscovite, lepidolite, sericite, green mica, iron lithium Mica, etc., the most widely used in ind...

Mr. Zhang From Jiangsu Came To CLIRIK To Inspect The Ultra-fine Vertical Mill For Processing Limesto

Today, the technical sales staff of the domestic trade department received Mr. Zhang from Jiangsu. We have been communicating with us online for a while....

CLUM Ultra Fine Vertical Mill Professional Superfine Stone Powder Production Equipment

About CLUM Ultra Fine Vertical MillThere is an increasing demand for ultra fine powder applications, and the traditional ultra fine powder processing equipment has low capacity, which can no longer meet the requirements of large-scale production in the field of ultra fine powder. Clirik CLUM series...

Marble Powder Processing HGM Micron Grinding Mill Machine

As the video shows, in last week there was a client send us about 200 kg marble for our HGM grinding mill machinery testing.About MarbleMarble, also known as dolomite, is a recrystallized limestone, as long as the component is CaCO 3. The limestone softens under high temperature and pressure,...

Clirik Grinding Mill Help You Process Higher Grade RCB Carbon Black

Shanghai Clirik Machinery, is one of the largest micron powders grinding mill machine researchers and manufacturers in China. So far, its core product has been used in more than 100 countries and places. After many years research, testing and modification, HGM has become more and more stable in micr...

What is the role of calcium carbonate in PVC products?

Calcium carbonate has a wide range of uses, and it is also widely used in PVC products, such as PVC pipes, PVC resin tiles, PVC doors and windows, PVC edge strips, and so on....

Powder Grinding Test for Sodium sulfate,Calcium oxide and Limestone With HGM Ultrafine Mill

At the request of the customer, we did the material grinding test for the customer last night.Since there have been many customers for the test machine recently, we arranged three test machines yesterday. The materials aresodium sulfate, calcium oxide, and limestone.More details: https://youtu...

Clirik CLUM Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill Installation Site in Egypt

The grinding mill base had been set wellCLUM ultrafine vertical grinding mill 400-3000 mesh mineral powder processing, such as: limestone, calcium carbonate, gypsum, dolomite, mica, dolomite......

New Opportunities for the Calcium Carbonate Industry under the Shadow of COVID-19

The large increase in the production of medical protective equipment is a good opportunity for the calcium carbonate industry, and the future prospects of calcium carbonate are good....