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Raymond Mill For Stone Grinding And How To Judge Capacity Of Raymond Mill?

Stone is a common sand and gravel raw material in sand making, and has strong oxidation resistance, acid resistance, gas corrosion resistance, etc. Raw materials need to be pulverized and pulverized before they can be used in mining, construction and other fields. So, can a Raymond mill be used for stone grinding? What are the performance advantages?

CLRM Raymond Mill

CLRM Raymond Mill

Can a Raymond mill be used for stone grinding?

The answer is of course yes. Raymond mill is a commonly used milling equipment in the milling industry. It is suitable for ore materials with Mohs hardness not greater than 9.3 and humidity lower than 6%. Raymond mill can grind more than 200 kinds of ore materials, with high screening rate and fine mesh, and the finished product is between 80-325 mesh.

What are the performance advantages of Raymond mill?

1. Simple structure, easy to operate and maintain

Raymond mill adopts vertical structure, the overall equipment occupies a small area, and the structure is simple, which is convenient for transportation, installation, operation and maintenance, and the equipment is strong in complete sets. The powder machine can meet the grinding production and save the investment cost.

2. The finished product is delicate and the particle size is controllable

The finished product of Raymond mill is fine and uniform, and the sieving rate can reach 99%, which is unachievable by other grinding equipment. need.

3. High wear resistance and long service life

Raymond mill adopts PLC electrical automation control system, which effectively reduces the failure rate of the equipment; important parts are made of high-quality steel, wearing parts are made of wear-resistant materials, the wear resistance and impact resistance of the whole machine are significantly improved, and the transmission device adopts Closed gear box and pulley, stable transmission, reliable operation, effectively improve the service life of the equipment.

4. Green and environmental protection, less pollution

The Raymond mill draws on the experience of advanced mining machines at home and abroad, and changes the bellows and air ducts from the original horizontal state to a 30-degree inclination to the middle to ensure that the bellows and air ducts are always unobstructed and unobstructed, achieving zero noise and zero dust leakage. Good production environment.

Raymond mill advantages

How to judge the production capacity of Raymond mill?

In our grinding and processing of ore materials, the production capacity of the equipment is directly related to the final benefit of the user. Therefore, when purchasing a Raymond mill, it is very important to accurately judge its production capacity. So, how should we judge the production capacity of Raymond mill?

1. Judging according to the amount of material handled

In the production of ore material grinding, the size of the material handling capacity directly reflects the production capacity of the Raymond mill. Because only enough processing capacity can ensure the grinding efficiency of the Raymond mill, it can be said that it determines the level of the production capacity of the Raymond mill. Because of this, we try our best to ensure the full-load operation of the Raymond mill during the milling process to reduce the chance of the equipment running empty, so as to better ensure the production capacity of the Raymond mill.

2. Judging according to the size of the discharge particle size

The discharge particle size is the quality of the finished product after grinding, which is one of the important indicators to measure the production capacity of Raymond mill. If the Raymond mill has sufficient production capacity, the output particle size of ore materials can well meet the needs of users, and its output and quality can be better guaranteed, then the production capacity of the Raymond mill will be stronger. . However, as the output granularity is finer, the production efficiency will decrease accordingly, which is a normal working state.

3. Judging by how much is consumed

When judging the production capacity of the Raymond mill, we cannot ignore the consumption problem in the milling operation. The consumption mentioned here generally refers to electricity consumption, material consumption and lubricating oil. Under normal circumstances, the consumption of a Raymond mill with better production capacity should be kept in a balanced state compared with most similar equipment on the premise of ensuring its production efficiency and quality.

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