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Gypsum Powder Processing Equipment: Stone Crusher and Grinding Mill

Gypsum powder is a commonly used chemical and construction raw material and has a wide range of applications. Although my country is very rich in gypsum resources, the comprehensive utilization rate of gypsum is not high. Processing gypsum into powder can greatly improve its utilization rate. What equipment is needed to make gypsum powder?

Crushing Equipment

To grind gypsum into powder, firstly, large pieces of gypsum must be broken into small pieces. Jaw crusher is an ideal equipment for crushing gypsum. It has a wide range of applications and high output.

jaw crusher

1. High-quality casting and forging: ensure the reliable performance of the equipment

To ensure that the equipment can operate efficiently when crushing hard materials, the core rotating parts of the jaw crusher such as high-quality cast movable jaw body, heavy-duty forged eccentric shaft with large eccentric distance, cast flywheel with high moment of inertia, and high-strength integral cast steel bearing Box, strong power and reasonable equipment speed to ensure stable and efficient production of equipment.

2. Easy to maintain: improve equipment operation rate

The equipment adopts centralized grease lubrication and can be equipped with a manual or automatic grease lubrication system according to needs, which reduces the difficulty of maintenance, and at the same time ensures the clean and tidy working site of the jaw crusher to the greatest extent; The material opening adjustment operation is simpler and more efficient.

3. International high-standard configuration

High-quality raw materials and reliable design provide the jaw crusher with sufficient equipment strength and durability for crushing superhard materials and reduce maintenance costs. Select domestic and foreign well-known brand accessories, such as bearings, motors, etc., for quality assurance, to meet the needs of users for different configurations.


Grinding Equipment

After crushing, the block gypsum can be processed into powder after being ground by a pulverizer. The commonly used gypsum pulverizer is a Raymond grinding mill, which can process gypsum into gypsum powder with very uniform particle size, good quality, and excellent structure. , advanced technology, and other characteristics make it a high market share.

Raymond roller grinding mill

1. Lower power consumption and higher economic benefits

Under ideal working conditions, the energy consumption per unit throughput of Raymond mill and the unit energy consumption of new feed material is 1.02kWh/t and 1.48kWh/t respectively, which is more than 60% lower than the power consumption required by ball mills of the same level. , effectively reducing production and operating costs.

2. The impeller-type energy-saving fan is adopted, with higher efficiency

The efficiency of the old-fashioned straight-blade fan used in the traditional mill is only 62%. The efficiency of the energy-saving induced draft fan formed by the efficient impeller-type stamping of the Raymond mill is more than 85%, which is greatly improved than that of the straight-blade fan.

3. Arc-shaped air duct design, lower system energy consumption

The Raymond Mill adopts a low-resistance arc-shaped air duct, and the tangential airflow enters. Compared with the traditional straight-type air duct, the inlet is smooth and the resistance is small. consumption.

What is the price of gypsum Raymond mill?

There are many types of gypsum Raymond mills and different models. The commonly used machines for gypsum pulverizers include Raymond mills, ultra-fine pulverizers, high-pressure micro powder mills, and high-strength pulverizers. One of the most widely used is gypsum Raymond mill.

Price Analysis of Gypsum Raymond Mill

When investing in equipment, customers will find that the quotations of different manufacturers are quite different, and the prices of equipment in different regions are also different. This is the result of the interaction of various factors. After understanding the factors, the purchase can be more secure.

1. Equipment quality: The price reflects the quality of the equipment, and the quality of the equipment also affects the selling price. The two affect each other. Generally, the higher the quality of the equipment, the higher the price. It will be more productive and less prone to failure during use. The price created is also higher.

2. Manufacturers: There are various manufacturers in the market, with different production strengths, different technical levels and craftsmanship, different workmanship quality, different sales methods and business concepts, and different equipment prices.

3. Market competition: Different manufacturers are located in different regions, and the market competition will be different. In order to expand market share, different manufacturers will also launch different preferential activities to attract users to buy, so the final quotation is also Different.

What is the price of gypsum Raymond mill?

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