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CLIRIK ends working from home and returns to the office

On June 1st,2022, Shanghai was officially lifted. After two weeks of adaptation, the group company finally decided to officially resume the office on June 10.


In order to respond to the government's call for epidemic prevention and strengthen the company's internal epidemic prevention and control, we divided the company's personnel into two groups, AB, for non-contact cross-office: Group AB took turns to work in the factory and the office building. Work from home for colleagues who are still under epidemic control.

In order to make up for the impact on the economy during the epidemic, all CLIRIK staff are highly motivated, racing against time to regain the time delayed by the epidemic.

The production department worked hard to produce orders that were backlogged due to the epidemic; the delivery department actively contacted the logistics company for early delivery and contributed to Shanghai's economic recovery.

Although the epidemic in Shanghai is about to come to an end, CLIRIK reminds everyone to continue to maintain good personal hygiene protection habits every day, and adhere to the "three sets" and "five needs" for epidemic prevention.

Three Pieces

Wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and pay attention to personal hygiene.

Five more

Wear masks, keep social distance, cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands frequently, and keep windows open as much as possible.

CLIRIK wishes you all a good mood and stays healthy!


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