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What are the types of grinding mills?

A grinding mill is an industrial tool that grinds big solid materials into a desired particle size (AKA finished size or final size), which is also used to mix solids with liquids or change the gradient of animal feed. However, grinding mills mentioned here are industrial mills to grind stones, rocks and other mineral materials.

The common types of grinding mills include: ball mill, colloid mil, impact mill, conical mill, disintegrator, disk mill, edge mill, gristmill, hammer mill, Raymond mill, pellet mill, planetary mill, stirred mill, vibratory mill, VSI mill, Wiley mill, Windmill, and so on.

The type of grinding mill is generally decided by the grinding materials (or grinding media) and the desired capacity from the buyers. Each type of mill is characterized by different grinding applications. The most important factor in deciding the type of a grinding mill is the final size. Powders fall into two kinds: fine powders and coarse powders. Raymond mill can have large capacity but can never produce micro fine powders. The operational characteristics of each mill type must be evaluated in relation to the objectives of the grinding requirements being studied in order to select the optimum mill. The common mill types are discussed in the following sections.

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