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Pyrophyllite Powder Processing And Pyrophyllite Production Equipment

Pyrophyllite properties

Pyrophyllite is one of the minerals in nature. The hardness of this material is between 1-2, which is a relatively soft material. This material has been widely used in glass fiber, pharmaceutical, sugar, cosmetics, pigment, rubber, paint, plastic and other industries after processing.



Pyrophyllite Production Equipment

Different types of ores have different properties and require different processing equipment. For pyrophyllite, which processing equipment is the best?

pyrophyllite grinding mill

Pyrophyllite grinding mill

As mentioned above, pyrophyllite has a wide range of applications in cosmetics, rubber, plastics and other industries. The application in these different industries requires different processing equipment. Generally speaking, the processing technology of pyrophyllite is mainly crushing, sand making, impurity removal, grinding, etc. The processed pyrophyllite products are of good quality. The following introduces the different processing techniques of pyrophyllite for different applications:

1. When pyrophyllite is used in the production of refractory materials

This application does not require high whiteness of pyrophyllite, and the particle size of the finished product is not very fine, generally around 3mm. In the treatment process, hand selection is often used, and then the coarse, medium and fine crushing processes can be used. The raw ore before crushing is washed to remove impurities.

The equipment required for this production process mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc.

2. Application in ceramics, papermaking and other industries

In the application of these industries, the fineness of pyrophyllite products is required to be below 200 mesh, and the whiteness is above 85%.

In response to this requirement, the processing technology is mainly crushing - grinding - beneficiation and purification. Bleaching is also required if necessary.

1) Pyrophyllite crushing and grinding equipment:

Among them, the crushing and grinding are mainly to prepare for the beneficiation and purification.

The pyrophyllite can be dissociated from the impurity mineral monomer in it. After dissociation, if the purity meets the requirements, the pyrophyllite can be directly pulverized into a finished product.

In this process, commonly used equipment includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, Raymond mill, ball mill, ultrafine mill etc.

According to different production requirements, these types of equipment can be combined in different ways to complete production requirements.


Ultrafine mill for pyrophyllite

2) Pyrophyllite beneficiation equipment:

Of course, in the process of pyrophyllite crushing, iron removal needs to be carried out, and the method used for iron removal is magnetic separation.

If the iron-bearing minerals are heavy metals, gravity separation method is required.

When iron is present in sulfide or oxide form, flotation separation can be used, which can also be used to separate quartz from alabaster ore.

These different iron removal methods are all to ensure the purity of the finished pyrophyllite.


Pyrophyllite beneficiation equipment

Pyrophyllite Powder Processing

The above mainly introduces the question of which kind of pyrophyllite processing equipment is good. Since pyrophyllite has different applications, the processing technology required is different.

1. The process flow of pyrophyllite depends on the needs of the product. For example, pyrophyllite used for refractory materials and refractory bricks has low requirements for whiteness and fine particle size. The particle size is about 3mm, usually dry production. . The process flow of pyrophyllite used in the refractory brick making is:

Pyrophyllite raw material--washing--jaw crusher-roller crusher (freighter twister)-products

2. For the pyrophyllite used in ceramic papermaking, pesticide carrier, etc., the fineness is often required to be below 200 mesh, and the whiteness is above 85%. This is because in addition to coarse, medium and fine crushing in the process, a suspension roller mill is also required. Use wet work. The process flow of pyrophyllite used in ceramics and papermaking is:

Raw material of pyrophyllite-washing-coarse crushing--medium crushing-fine crushing-grinding-reelection or flotation--classification (sedimentation tank or hydrocyclone)--purification (bleaching)-filtering--drying (natural drying or Chain Plate Dryer)--Micro Pulverization--Products

Pyrophyllite uses

1. Pyrophyllite powder is high-brightness hydrated aluminum silicate fine powder. Pyrophyllite is mostly used in emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, new-generation information technology, and biotechnology to improve the chapping, shrinkage and reduction of products. The destructiveness of infrared penetration of products.

2. High-end equipment manufacturing: FRP products with pyrophyllite as the main filler are mostly used in military industry, space, bulletproof armor and other fields. Pyrophyllite coatings can improve the surface smoothness, whiteness and absorption properties of parts, and have broad application prospects in the aviation and aerospace industries;

3. New energy: it is an important new energy (wind power, fan blade) material and new functional material;

4. A new generation of information technology: used to make optical glass fiber, which is the main material in modern communication technology;

5. New materials: production of alkali-free glass balls and medium-alkali glass balls of glass fibers; pyrophyllite as a pressure-transmitting and sealing medium is widely used in high-pressure synthesis industries such as synthetic diamond; production of detergents and molecular sieves and other raw materials;

6. Biotechnology: used as a carrier of various pesticides and insecticides.

7. In addition, it is also used as raw materials for the production of detergents and molecular sievesplastic nucleating agentsanti-chattering agents for coatingsanti-deformation agents for refractory materialslubricants for pencil lead materialscosmetic perfume carriersfertilizer anti-agglomeration agents, etc.;

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