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Environmentally Friendly HGM125 Grinding Mill in Coating Manufacturing Application

In recent years, the concept of green environmental protection has deeply rooted in people's hearts, carrying out industrial chain re integration and ecological transformation of finished products. High energy consuming and heavily polluting industrial enterprises in various regions have taken the lead in upgrading.

Clirik Shanxi customer is engaged in the harmless treatment of colored sand (real stone paint) tailings, and has taken the lead in the development path of "environmental protection, health, and precision" in the building materials additive industry. Collaborate with Clirik to interpret industrial transformation with modern solutions.

Application of HGM125 Ultra Fine Grinding Mill in the Coating Industry

In the building materials and coatings industry, the tailings treatment of colored sand is an important aspect of industrial green upgrading.

Within Shanxi Province, a HGM125L ultrafine powder production line from Clirik has been running smoothly for several months. The production enterprise belongs to a large building materials group company, engaged in the harmless treatment and reuse of colored sand (real stone paint) tailings, and used for environmentally friendly building materials additives through ultrafine powder production.

The Clirik HGM series 125L powder production line put into operation this time has a wide range of fineness adjustment, stable finished product particle size, and high-precision particle size cutting technology, enabling customers to meet different fineness requirements of finished products.

At present, the development of the building materials and coatings market is stable, and high value-added products such as high-end coating additives are developing rapidly in line with the policy direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, creating considerable space for corporate and government profits and taxes.

In the future, with the further expansion of profit margins, ultra-fine powder products with high fineness and precision processing will further take root in the high-end coating market.

HGM125 Grinding Mill Approval of Powder Processing Project

In the early stage of cooperation, the customer led a technical team to inspect examples of projects that have already been put into production in multiple surrounding areas of Shanxi; Revise specific parameters and study the characteristics of material products; Organize negotiations with customized solutions and systematic equipment; When designing site selection, closely cooperate with the owner, design institute, etc., and actively respond to customer needs.

During the client's visit and inspection, the sales manager and technical engineers prepared multiple sets of overall planning plans and had professional discussions on production capacity requirements, energy consumption per ton, finished product bonding strength, and redispersibility. After considering multiple factors, the customer has started a cooperation with Keli Ruike, with Keli brand packaging output equipment production line and comprehensive technical support.

After careful selection, the HGM series 125L ultrafine grinding machine has been finalized, with an annual production capacity expected to reach 50000 tons.

Environmental Friendly Building Materials Ultrafine Grinding Mill Production Line

MachineHGM125L ultra fine grinding mill
Raw MaterialBuilding waste material, calcium carbonate,dolomite...
Final Powder Fineness200-325 mesh,800 mesh,1250 mesh,1500 mesh
ApplicationPutty powder, high viscosity redispersible latex powder, thixotropic lubricant, etc


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