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Clinker Grinder mill for cement mill plant

Clinker grinder refers the mill that material is grinded into fine powder under external force, impact, extrusion, and grinder effect.

On the one hand, clinker grinder will be the last step during the cement production mill. So the cement grinder system control is directly related to the cement item high quality, yield, and price. On the other hand, cement grinder is the step consuming the most energy. So choosing top quality clinker vertical mill is extremely essential to increase company’s economic benefits.

Clinker grinder mill

1. Open kind clinker grinder mill

Supplies delivered through clinker mill are the products. The simple mill demands fewer equipments, much less investment, but could effortlessly cause heavily milled powder

2. Closed type clinker grinder mill

The grinded materials are selected by classifier program. The coarse one returns to vertical mill once more, to be able to decrease heavily milled powder. The closed type clinker grinder mill can increase yield, reduce power consumption, and product fineness is easy to control. But the system requires big investment, and complex operation and upkeep.



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