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At the moment of the epidemic, home office guarantees good services

In the face of the rapidly spreading epidemic, under the premise of taking adequate protective measures, the Shanghai region has exerted the enterprise spirit of "diligence, dedication, loyalty and dedication", put customer service and needs first, served "without closing", and communicated in a timely manner, handle problems, and ensure maximum customer service during the epidemic.

In order to perform their respective duties, cloud video and service online
use the remote "department coordination and project promotion" method of cloud video to jointly manage, cooperate with each other, and use Internet informatization to ensure the orderly progress of the work.

Starting from the actual needs of customers through telephone communication, based on the technology, we provide efficient solutions, and win the recognition and praise of customers.

In this tough battle against the epidemic without gunpowder smoke, the people of CLIRIK did our best to use their practical actions to help users and fight the epidemic together.

During the epidemic, more and more people choose to work from home. Faced with parents who have children at home to take care of, how to work from home efficiently has become a headache for everyone. Here are some tips for working from home, so you can be more productive working from home.

NO.1 Office Hours

It is recommended that during the period of working from home, go to work on time, eat on time, rest on time, and maintain your normal rhythm. It is also a good practice to check in in the work group in the morning and evening, supervise each other with colleagues, and better let yourself enter the state of work.

Of course, before entering the state, it is necessary to explain to the family and children that now the mother belongs to work time, and the efficient work is to have more time to accompany. Personally, I feel that working from home is inseparable from the support of my family.

NO.2 Office location

Just like setting fixed office hours, having a fixed office location is just as important. If conditions permit, find yourself a specific office location in your home, set up desks, chairs, and laptops to create an office atmosphere. You can choose a corner of the study or living room at home, and communicate with your family in advance to give you a relatively independent office space and time.

This not only avoids family interruptions, but also allows you to enter the office more quickly through reminders of specific locations and furnishings. If your child wants to, they can also read books and study next to you. Of course, it is necessary to explain in advance that they will not disturb each other during this time, and set a time for their own study. You can also use the alarm clock to time the clock. When the bell rings, we will share the experience afterwards.

NO.3 Office style

Knock on the blackboard! Having an efficient office method often makes working from home more effective. There are several small software recommended for everyone. Of course, friends are also welcome to share your treasure software in the message area.

Document Collaboration - Tencent Documents

During the epidemic, as an ordinary office worker, I had to report the health code status, nucleic acid test results, home status, and community control requirements every day. The editor focuses on Tencent documents, because they are used the most, no need to download additional software, there is a small program on WeChat, which can be directly searched and available, allowing multiple people to operate on the same document at the same time, cloud storage, unlike traditional Documents can only be modified by one person, resend, and then modified by another person, which is too slow.

Thought collision class - cloud video

When the epidemic hits, everyone has no preparations. How to quickly and effectively arrange various tasks during the epidemic, implement various epidemic prevention requirements, care and appease employees to solve problems... My company held an online meeting through cloud video to solve these problems as soon as possible. question. At a fixed time every day, everyone goes online on time. Although working from home, the efficiency is not bad at all. With efficient meetings, rapid communication, and unified thinking, there will be no epidemic that cannot be overcome!

File transfer class: He Caiyun

During the stay at home, the transmission of various documents has become a daily routine in writing work. How to efficiently organize team work and share documents? We have enabled He Caiyun, no matter videos, pictures or large files, as long as you upload and share, the team can share minute-by-minute things.

NO.4 Self-management

If a person does not manage his own mental state well, he will not be able to live his life well. Therefore, I suggest that everyone work from home and manage their own mental outlook. Mothers should also remember that your attitude towards work is also an education for your children.

In special times, it is also necessary to ensure a regular daily routine, ensure reasonable rest time, and make a list of exercise with the child side by side, and implement it according to the list, so that the child can also become the maintainer and executor of the list.

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