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See You Next Time, Bauma China

After 4 days of hard work, we finally completed the exhibition task. In this exhibition, we have hosted more than 100 customers from more than 10 different countries. And many of them showed their interested in our new technology CLUM ultra fine powder vertical roller mill. In the first day of Bauma China 2018, we were arrived there at 7:00 am, and then we started arrange our booth, we placed flowe...

Bauma China 2018 Will be Held in the Same Place

Bauma China was launched in Shanghai in 2002, as one of professional mining industry use machines exhibition, after more than 10 years running, the Bauma China 2018 had attracted almost all of the mining machines attended. As one of familiar friends of Bauma China, Shanghai Clirik Machinery also got the invited to attend the exhibition as one of exhibitors. And we are looking forward to see your c...

Clirik: Welcome to Attend 2018 China International Import Expo

China International Import Expo is Chinas, and it is the world. Chinese President Xi Jinping held a banquet on the evening of the 4th and warmly welcomed the distinguished guests from all countries attending the first Expo. The Expo was officially opened in Shanghai today, the worlds first national-level exhibition with an import theme. In May 2017, Xi Jinping announced this plan to the world at t...

Welcome to Enjoy the Moon Light with Us in Mid Autumn Festival

In China, the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar is a traditional Chinese festival, Mid Autumn Festival. In 2018, 22th to 24th is the little long vacation about the Mid Autumn Festival. One of important food in this day is mooncakes. Are you interested in our traditional festival, if you are want to taste the Moon Cakes. Shanghai Clirik machinery is one of professional mana...

Customers Visiting and the Advantages of Limetsone Grinding Mill

Generally speaking, our HGM series ultra fine powder grinding mill can process the limestone powder in a range between 300 mesh to 2500 mesh, compare with other models of ultra fine mills, the HGM series has a larger capacity, such as, for 800 mesh limestone powder grinding, the maximum capacity of our ultra fine powder grinding mill can up to 30 t/h. On yesterday, we had treated two customers who...

What Image the Grinding Mill Manufacturers Should Be in Your Eyes?

What is a grinding mill equipment manufacturers image in your eyes? Or I should ask, what kind of people do you think will be engaged in manufacturing industry? Should them be magnificent? Should them be very strict? In fact, we are all ordinary peopl...

"Three High" of Clirik Stone Powder Grinding Mill

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is one of professional stone powder grinding mill manufacturers in China, the stone powder grinding mill made by us conforming to three characteristics, and these characteristics are called humorously three high by our customers. Whats the three high of our stone powder grinding mill? High Quality. All of the components in Clirik stone powder grinding mill are made by tita...

How to Celebrate DuanWu Festival

DuanWu festival is a Chinese traditinal festival, its June 18 on 2018. Du you know whats DuanWu festival? There are a lot of traditional customs on the day of Duanwu: Dragon Boat Racing The most popular activity of the Dragon Boat Festival is racing dragon boats. Eating Dragon Boat Food --- Zongzi It is a tradition for the Chinese to eat Zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival. Zongzi is made diffe...

Welcome Vietnamese Customers to Visit Our Factory

Our Shanghai Clirik ultra fine grinding mill equipment is very popular all over the world, but if you want to know which country is most popular, Vietnam is undoubtedly one of the best countries for our super fine mill sales. And on the 30th of May, we also welcomed the new customers come from Vietnam. The picture shows that the customers from Vietnam who have been talking for 3 hours on the mornin...

Merry Christmas!

A new study shows that decorations that decorate Christmas in advance, such as Christmas trees and neon lights, make people happier. According to the traditions of Catholic countries such as Brazil, the Christmas tree is usually arranged and decorated...

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