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Happy Beginning of Winter Day&2021 Happy New Year

Beginning of Winter day has the longest night for many countries of the Northern Hemisphere. Today, is the beginning of winter for Chinese 24 Solar Terms, it’s the last third terms in Chinese lunar calendar, after beginning of winter, the weather will become more colder than before until the Spring comes. There are most places in China will eat the dumplings in this day, at this day, there is an old saying:"Don't eat dumplings at beginning of winter, you will be hure by the cold weather". And it's just an funny words, not ture. But anyway, we will keep ourselves in warm. Clirik remains you keep you in warm, and happy the beginning of winter day.

beginning of winter

And several days later, we will welcome the new years coming, we hope all will be OK, and happy new year!

2021 new year

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