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Powder Calcium Oxide Processing Grinding Mill

Calcium Oxide Market Value

calcium oxide
Customers and friends know that the common name of calcium oxide is quicklime. The physical property is white powder on the surface. The impure one is off-white. When it contains impurities, it is pale yellow or gray. It is hygroscopic and is often used as a building material. In addition, the market value of calcium oxide is also Reflected in:

(1) Can be used as a filler, for example: as a filler for epoxy adhesives;

(2) Used as analytical reagent, carbon dioxide absorbent for gas analysis, spectral analysis reagent, high-purity reagent for epitaxy and diffusion process in semiconductor production, laboratory ammonia drying and alcohol dehydration, etc.

(3) Used as raw material, can manufacture calcium carbide, soda ash, bleaching powder, etc., also used in leather making, wastewater purification, calcium hydroxide and various calcium compounds;

(4) It can be used as a flux for building materials, metallurgical flux, cement accelerator and phosphor;

(5) Used as vegetable oil decolorizer, drug carrier, soil improver and calcium fertilizer;

(6) can also be used for refractories and desiccants;

(7) It can be used to prepare agricultural machinery No. 1 and No. 2 glue and underwater epoxy adhesive, and also used as a reactant for pre-reaction with 2402 resin;

(8) Used for acid wastewater treatment and sludge conditioning;

(9) can also be used as a protection agent for boiler deactivation, using the moisture absorption capacity of lime to keep the metal surface of the boiler water vapor system dry and prevent corrosion. It is suitable for the long-term shutdown protection of low-pressure, medium-pressure and small-capacity steam drum boilers.

Calcium Oxide Powder Grinding Mill Equipment

stone powder grinding mill
What are the available grinding mill equipment for grinding calcium oxide powder? Clirik has rich experience and more advanced technology, and provides calcium oxide grinding equipment such as Raymond grinding, vertical grinding, ultra-fine grinding machine and other equipment choices. The following are the details of the equipment of these mills.

(1) Raymond Mill

For grinding calcium oxide ore powder, Raymond mill equipment can be used in large applications, and the mill is a new generation of environmental protection and energy saving mill equipment. Many new and old customers prefer to use this mill equipment for grinding 50-450 mesh calcium oxide powder. Clirik has a case of calcium oxide Raymond mill equipment for customers to know more details.

(2) Superfine Powder Grinding Mill

This is a new type of superfine powder grinding mill equipment used for grinding powder. It can be used in the calcium oxide deep processing grinding market. It has comprehensive mechanical crushing properties such as rolling, grinding, and impact. The fineness of the powder can be adjusted between 300-2500 mesh, the powder quality is good, the equipment performance is more stable, and the powder market is more competitive.

(3) Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mill can help the calcium oxide milling project to achieve large-scale production. It is an environmentally-friendly noise-reducing mill equipment for powder project to increase production and income. It integrates crushing, milling, classification, transportation and powder collection. The environmental protection performance of the grinding mill is good, which can help the calcium oxide grinding project to bring greater benefits.

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