What is driving the increase in the output of asphalt mixing plants?

Asphalt Mixing Plant Project;Processing material: Limestone;Annual output: 100,000 tons;Finished product fineness: 325 mesh-500 mesh;Finished product use: highway, bridge, etc. construction;Optional equipment: HGM100 ultra-fine ring roller mill

Asphalt Mixing Plant Project Overview

Asphalt Mixing Plant Project
Asphalt Mixing Plant Project
  • Project Name: Asphalt Mixing Plant Project
  • Processing material: Limestone
  • Annual output: 100,000 tons
  • Finished product fineness: 325 mesh-500 mesh
  • Finished product use: highway, bridge, etc. construction
  • Optional equipment: HGM100 ultra fine limestone grinding mill


Asphalt Mixing Plant Project Background 

Guangxi Road and Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale professional construction enterprise integrating engineering construction, traffic design, technology research and development, and other businesses.

Guangxi Road and Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd.Asphalt Mixing Plant
Guangxi Road and Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd.Asphalt Mixing Plant

It is located in Nanning, Guangxi. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "guaranteeing first-class quality" and always insists on "customer The "first" principle has won the recognition of a large number of customers and has a certain influence in the local construction field.

At present, the customer’s investment in the asphalt mixing plant project in Hechi, Guangxi.

It is mainly used for the construction of highways and bridges. With more and more road construction projects, limestone powder is the main additive of the asphalt mixing plant. The demand has also increased.

In the past, the limestone powder purchased had to be transported from other regions, and the transportation process was time-consuming, which made it impossible to meet the current needs of the asphalt mixing plant. Therefore, the customer decided to build a limestone powder production line at the asphalt mixing plant site.

The powder production line can help the customer save transportation time and transportation costs, and can greatly increase the overall income. Guangxi Road and Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd. initiated a bidding consultation on the official website of CLIRIK Machinery. Our company has learned about the customer’s project requirements in detail and is actively preparing Go to bid for the project proposal.

Guangxi Road and Bridge Engineering Group Co., Ltd. conducted an in-depth inspection of the CLIRIK HGM ultra fine grinding mill, and recognized the quality, production performance, and environmental protection configuration of CLIRIK's equipment, and finally introduced the CLIRIK HGM100 Ultra-fine ring roller mill in early 2020.

CLIRIK HGM Ultra Fine Grinding Mill for limestone
CLIRIK HGM Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

This equipment has the characteristics of high environmental protection, high production capacity, large-scale, refined, etc., which can effectively improve the quality and output of the product to meet the huge demand for limestone powder in the asphalt mixing plant. The powder production line was officially put into operation in mid-2020, with an annual output of 100,000 tons.

It can be seen from the production site that the limestone powder production line has been fully put into operation, the on-site equipment has low noise, and the site is clean and dust-free. The production process of the HGM ultra-fine ring roller mill is environmentally friendly. At the same time, the intelligent control system controls, It can be produced regularly and quantitatively, which not only saves manpower, but also guarantees quality. It is very practical. Currently, the products have been applied in batches in the construction of many large projects.


Quick overview of the 325 mesh-500 mesh limestone mill project site

325 mesh-500 mesh Limestone mill project
325 mesh-500 mesh Limestone mill
limestone powder production line
limestone powder production line


Project Benefits of Limestone Powder Production Line


  • Energy saving and environmental protection, green grinding

    The dust of the production line is collected by a negative pressure dust removal system and placed in a fully enclosed finished product warehouse, which realizes no dust spillage, a clean production environment, and discharge conforms to international standards.

  • High cost performance, considerable investment income

    The fine calcium carbonate particles produced by this project have excellent shapes and better quality after being modified by the CLG powder surface modifier. They are well received in the market and have a high profit per ton.

  • Can run continuously for 24 hours

    The reducer has circulating oil lubrication and circulating water cooling system to ensure the continuous operation of the ring roller mill for 24 hours.

  • Whole process service, in one step

    CLIRIK project design, equipment production, installation, commissioning, and after-sales service are integrated, and the whole process service is convenient for users, which has won time for the smooth commissioning of the project in a short time.

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