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How to choose 325 mesh limestone powder grinding equipment?

What kind of mill is used for grinding 325 mesh limestone powder? Pendulum mills and vertical mills can be used. There are many types of limestone grinding mills, including pendulum Raymond grinding mills, ultra-fine grinding mills and other equipment. Before purchasing, you know the price and output of limestone grinding mills ? The price and output of the limestone vertical mill introduced in this article are scientific, cost-effective, and high in energy utilization. It is a professional limestone grinding mill manufacturer that helps limestone powder projects increase production and income.
Vertical mill equipment for grinding limestone powder

1. What kind of grinding mill is used for grinding 325 mesh limestone powder? --Capacity

For limestone grinding, vertical mill equipment can be used to increase production capacity and powder quality. CLIRIK continues to innovate in the field of powder mills, manufacturing professional vertical mill equipment to meet the production needs of the powder processing market. The vertical mill integrates drying, grinding, grading, and conveying. It has high grinding efficiency and low energy consumption. It also breaks through the disadvantages of traditional mills, and realizes high-efficiency grinding and processing. Dry materials, hard-to-grind and easy-to-grind materials have very strong adaptability. The field of grinding is very wide, and the types of grinding are also extremely rich. It is a large-scale equipment for non-metallic minerals.
So, what is the output of the vertical mill? At present, vertical mills are widely used in coal mines, cement, slag, lime powder for power plant desulfurization, non-metallic mines, etc. The fineness of the powder can reach 0.18-0.022mm, and the production capacity can reach 5-700t/h. Meet the demand for large-scale production of non-metallic minerals.

2. What kind of grinding mill is used to grind 325 mesh limestone powder? --Working principle

The vertical mill structure consists of main machine, analyzer, pipeline device, blower, and can be equipped with crusher, hoist, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric control motor, etc. according to the user's needs. When the vertical mill is activated, the large material is crushed first, then the elevator sends it to the storage container, and then evenly the electromagnetic vibration feeder to the main crushing chamber. The material that enters the crushing chamber is collected by. A fan that smashes and smashes the rollers and rings that enter the crushing chamber with a shovel, blows air into the crushing chamber, and blows dust into the analyzer for sorting. If it does not reach fineness, re-enter the grinding chamber and it will be followed by a qualified fine powder. The air flow enters the finished cyclone dust collector, the fine dust is separated from the air and discharged from the discharge port to the finished product, and the air is returned to the fan. Upper air return tube. The airpass circulates and flows under negative pressure. In the crushing chamber of the ultra-powder mill, since the moisture content of the material to be crushed is constant, a certain amount of heat is generated during crushing and the water vapor evaporates, so the connection part is sucked flange of the whole machine. Unsealed Airflow Increases To ensure normal mill operation under negative pressure, increased airflow is released into the fan and main motor, and into the air.

3. What kind of grinding mill is used to grind 325 mesh limestone powder? --Price

What is the price of a vertical mill? The price is tens to millions. As a manufacturer, CLIRIK cares about its customers, understands the production needs of each grinding project, and customizes a reasonable selection and configuration plan for the grinding machine based on the information provided by the customer on the grinding fineness, capacity, and equipment installation area. The limestone grinding project customizes the price of a limestone vertical mill that is exclusive to the customer. After years of development, vertical mill equipment has won the trust and support of customers, and has long helped create value in industries such as electric power, metallurgy, building materials, industrial solid waste, thermal power plants, and cement plants.

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