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How to build a barite powder grinding production line?

Barite is a kind of pure natural ore, is a common barium sulfate mineral, mainly produced in low-temperature hydrothermal veins, and has a high level of performance in mining, machinery, chemical industry, papermaking, textile, glass, metallurgy, building materials, industry and other fields. Practical value, it is not difficult to find that this is a mineral resource with a high comprehensive utilization value. Barite needs to be processed through processes such as crushing and grinding to realize its value. So what equipment is needed to grind barite mineral material into barite powder, what is the process, what are the mills that can be used to grind barite, and how do we choose the right barite grinding mill?

barite powder grinding production line-CLIRIK Machinery

Brief Introduction of Barite Grinding Production Line

The composition of the barite powder grinding production line mainly consisting of jaw crusher, Raymond mill, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, bucket elevator and other equipment. The general process is: large pieces of barite enter first Go to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing. After coarse crushing, the qualified particle size is sent to the silo by the bucket elevator, and then the barite in the silo is sent to the Raymond mill by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. Grinding is carried out in the machine. After grinding, the fineness requirements are graded, and then sent to the finished product pile for packaging. Those that do not meet the requirements are returned to the mill for grinding operations. Circulate in turn, and finally complete the grinding process of barite.

Production process of barite powder production line

Crushing: Barite passes through a coarse crushing jaw crusher and an impact crusher (or fine crushing jaw crusher) successively. The jaw crusher is used to coarsely crush the barite, and the impact crusher is used to crush the heavy crystal. The stone is finely crushed. After the fine crushing, the barite material is screened by a circular vibrating screen. If the particle size is qualified, it will enter the next step for grinding, and the unqualified will return to the impact crusher (or fine crushing jaw crusher) to continue crushing.

Grinding: the barite powder with qualified particle size is sent to the storage bin by the bucket elevator, and then sent to the barite powder grinding mill by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder evenly for grinding. After grinding, the particle size of the product is determined by the classifier Screening is carried out, the qualified ones are collected by the large cyclone powder collector, and the unqualified ones are returned to the roller of the barite powder grinding mill and only need to be ground.
Dust removal: The dust generated in the barite grinding process must be separated into the air by a multi-dust collector before it can be discharged into the air to ensure that the barite production line is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Complete set of equipment for barite powder grinding production line

The production line mainly consists of jaw crusher, hammer crusher, Raymond mill, bucket elevator and electromagnetic vibrating feeder. The details are as follows:
1. Jaw crusher: As a first-level crushing equipment, it plays a very important role in the entire milling production line, so the process requires that it must have a large enough crushing ratio to meet the process production requirements, and the jaw crusher The performance and function are fully up to standard.
2. Hammer crusher: This equipment mainly plays a role of supplementary crushing in the barite grinding production line. In order to ensure that the crushed materials can smoothly enter the next level of equipment, it is necessary to use a hammer crusher for the second stage. The second crushing, thereby improving the comprehensive utilization rate of materials.
3. Raymond mill: This is the core equipment of the barite grinding production line. In order to ensure the fineness of the grinding process, the process requires its model to be equipped with the entire production line, so it must be under the guidance of experts Make a reasonable choice of equipment model and specifications.
4. Bucket elevator: This is the transportation and transfer equipment of the production line. In order to make the production line stable and uniform production, its running speed and operating state must meet the actual production standards, so that the purity of the processed barite will be higher.
5. Electromagnetic vibrating feeder: This is an auxiliary equipment in the milling production line. Its function can be seen from its name. Its function is to supply materials, so its caliber is very large, so that it can accommodate more More barite materials, which in turn makes its output higher.
barite powder grinding mill production line

Available barite grinding mills

The Mohs' hardness of barite is 4~4.5, so barite powder grinding mills for mines on the market can be used to grind barite, such as Raymond mills, high-pressure micro-powder mills, high-strength mills, ultra Fine mills, three-ring medium-speed micro-powder mills, HGM mills, different mills produce different particle sizes and production capacities, so we need to choose according to our actual situation. If you choose these types If you don’t understand the respective performance of the barite grinding mill, you can click on "Raymond mill types and their respective characteristics and scope of application" to understand, or you can conduct online consultation, CLIRIK customer service free of charge for you to answer.

Selection method of barite powder grinding mill

In fact, the selection method of barite grinding mill is very simple. It is to determine the available barite grinding mill type, model and quantity according to our requirements for product size and production capacity, and then according to the weight of the specification model. The price of the spar mill and the benefits that can be brought into production in the later period will be calculated for its comprehensive cost performance. Finally, the barite grinding mill that can meet our requirements and is cost-effective is selected as our barite grinding mill production line. Milling equipment.

Advantages of barite grinding production line

1. Simple configuration, low investment, stable operation, and high output;
2. The whole set of equipment has good performance, guaranteed quality, and more durable;
3. The grinding of barite is highly targeted, with large processing capacity, and the output can be increased by more than 50%;
4. Low energy consumption and electricity consumption, reduce operating costs, and improve the efficiency of user processing plants;
5. The resulting fineness of the finished product meets the requirements of the enterprise and greatly improves the utilization rate of the finished product.
The above is about the introduction of barite powder production line equipment, process flow and the types and selection methods of barite powder mills. I hope that it will be helpful to everyone in the production of barite powder. Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. can Provide you with a complete set of barite grinding, beneficiation and calcination equipment, and will design a barite processing production line for users according to user needs. Welcome everyone to consult online, and CLIRIK online customer service will provide you with free answers. 
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