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The Characteristics Of 4 Types Of Hammer Crushers-CLIRIK Crusher Knowledge

The hammer crusher mill machine crushes materials by impact energy. The hammer crusher has a large crushing ratio (generally 10-25, up to 50), high production capacity, uniform finished products, less over-powder phenomenon, low energy consumption per unit product, simple structure, light equipment, easy operation and maintenance, etc. It is one of the most commonly used machinery in the mining industry.

hammer crusher mill machine

According to structural characteristics, there are mainly 4 types of hammer mill crushers:

  • 1. According to the number of rotors of the hammer crusher: single rotor hammer crusher and double rotor hammer crusher;
  • 2. According to the rotation direction of the hammer broken rotor: irreversible hammer crusher and reversible hammer crusher;
  • 3. According to the different arrangement of hammers on the rotor, it is divided into single-row hammer crusher and multi-row hammer crusher;
  • 4. According to the different connection modes of the hammer on the rotor, it is divided into: fixed hammer crusher and movable hammer crusher. Among them, the fixed crusher is mainly used for the crushing of materials with low hardness.

Analysis of the characteristics of 4 types of hammer mill pulverizer

1. Single rotor hammer crusher

The single rotor hammer crusher is divided into two types: reversible and irreversible, as follows:
Schematic diagram of single rotor hammer crusher

Reversible hammer crusher

The reversible rotor first rotates in a certain direction to crush the material. After the liner, screen and the end of the hammer in this direction have been worn to a certain extent, the rotor is rotated in the opposite direction, using the other end of the hammer and the other end of the liner and sieve plate work, so that your continuous working life can almost be doubled.

φ1430x1300 mm reversible hammer crusher

In the above figure, the rotor can rotate left or right, the vertical center line of the crusher is symmetrical, and the feed port is located in the middle of the machine. Due to the sieve bar, it is not suitable for crushing cohesive materials. When the moisture content of the material exceeds 15%, it is easy to block.

Irreversible hammer crusher

The irreversible rotor can only rotate in one direction. When the end of the hammer is worn to a certain point, the hammer must be stopped to change the direction of the hammer (rotate 180 °) or replace it with a new hammer.

Multi Row Single Rotor Irreversible Hammer Crusher
Structure diagram of irreversible hammer crusher

The hammer mill crusher structure is shown in the figure above. Several rows of discs are installed on the main shaft and there are two rows of pin holes in the rotor disc. When the end of the hammer head is worn, the pin shaft can be inserted into the hole in the outer ring to adjust the gap between the hammer head and the screen bar. The hammer head is hinged between the rows of discs with a shaft pin. To prevent the disk and hammer head from moving axially, the two sections of the disk are fixed with a peripheral compression disk and a lock nut. Both ends of the rotor are supported by bearings and the bearings are bolted to the housing.

2. Double rotor hammer crusher

Two rotors are installed in parallel in the casing of this type of hammer crusher. The rotor consists of an arm-shaped hanging hammer body and an articulated hammer on it. The heads of the hammers are arranged in several rows and the bodies of the adjacent hanging hammers intersect each other in the shape of a cross. The two rotors are driven by separate motors to rotate in opposite directions.
Double rotor hammer crusher

The dual rotor hammer feed inlet is located in the upper center of the casing, and below the feed inlet, there is an arched grate basket (composed of a set of parallel arched grate bars) in the middle of the two rotors. Each row of hammer heads can pass freely through the space between the bars of the grate. Since the double rotor hammer crusher is divided into several crushing zones and has two rotors with several rows of hammers at the same time, the crushing ratio is large, up to about 40, and the production capacity is equivalent to two hammers. single rotor. crushers of the same specification.

3. Heavy hammer crushers

In terms of the working principle and structure, the heavy hammer breaker is the same as the ordinary hammer crusher. The difference is that the output of a heavy hammer is relatively large. Because the hammer head in the body is heavier, generally more than 20 kg, the crushing force is higher, and the material that can be crushed per unit time is significantly greater than that of ordinary hammer crushing.

Although the heavy hammer crusher has large capacity, it is also not suitable for directly crushing river pebbles, basalt, granite and other high-hardness minerals, in order to avoid severe hammer wear and increase costs.
Heavy hammer crushers

4. Hammer crusher for crushing wet and sticky materials

This type of hammer is equipped with a rotor in the casing, and the front of the rotor is equipped with a caterpillar-type rotating bearing plate for the crushing plate. This kind of backing plate can prevent materials from accumulating at the entrance of the crushing cavity, and the material stuck on the backing plate is swept away by the hammer. The backing plate is driven by an independent motor through a rotating shaft and has a backing plate at the bottom to resist the force of the hammer impact.

There is a cleaning device behind the rotor, which is a vertical closed chain belt with a horizontal scraper. The chain belt is driven by a separate electric motor, which can discharge accumulated material behind the rotor after crushing and at the same time can scrape off the material adhering to the shell wall.

In the next article, we will discuss the selection principle of the hammer crusher, welcome to continue to pay attention to us.

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