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Common Problems of Raymond Mill and How to Resolve That?

With the development of infrastructure, the mining industry is also well-known by more people. Whether it is sand making equipment or grinding equipment, it has added a lot of convenience to various industries, but in the process of operation, there are also large and small Problems arise, such as what is the reason for the vibration of the Raymond mill during the production process?

Raymond mill

There are four main reasons for the vibration of Raymond mill:

1. The situation of the Raymond mill will produce vibration. At this time, because the mill is running at no load and there is no material, the direct impact of the grinding roller and the grinding ring will produce a lot of noise and slight vibration. The vibration at this time will affect the equipment. No damage, it belongs to normal vibration.

2. The material processed by the Raymond mill is a fine powder, and the powder is below 100 mesh. The Raymond mill is prone to vibration. At this time, the material is too fine to form a layer of sufficient thickness, which is similar to the state of empty machine operation , The vibration at this time is also within a reasonable range.

3. The quality problems of the Raymond mill will directly cause the noise of the Raymond mill, and the noise is very large, which will cause the shell or the air duct of the Raymond mill to crack. This is usually the Samsung frame or the spindle drive mechanism of the Raymond mill. Problem. This kind of vibration damages the Raymond mill a lot, so it must be dealt with in time.

4. Mechanical failure, if the material and man-made operation are excluded, if it is still vibration, it may be caused by the imbalance of the machine spindle rotor, it may be the spindle bearing damage, the unbalanced Samsung frame, etc.

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