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Properties and uses of white carbon black and Clirik white c

Properties and uses of white carbon black

Category :  inorganic chemicals/ inorganic acids

Chemical structural formula:  SiO2. n(H2O)

Synonyms: white carbon; white carbon black; combustion method; pelleted hydrated silica; hydrated silica; silicon dioxide hydrate; silica, hydrate; silica;

Main use: Good transparent rubber product, shoe-making material, additive of plastic and polyester, cover of cable and electric wire, strengthening agent of light colored rubber, carrier of forage additive, pigment additive.


The white carbon black is widely used in many industries with its super properties.

  1. Rubber Goods: White carbon black can be used to substitute carbon black in color rubber goods to increase their strength and meet the requirements for white or translucency products. With super conglutination ability, anti-tear, temperature-resistant and anti-aging ability, the white carbon black can replace part of carbon black in black rubber goods to make super quality rubber goods such as cross country tyre, OTR tyre and radial ply tyre etc.
  2.  Agrochemical Products : In agrochemicals, as white carbon black possess high conglutination ability, easy to suspend, good appetency and chemical stability, it is used as the carrier or thinner to lasting the effects of pesticide and fertilizer.
  3. Daily Chemicals : White carbon black can be used as filling and abradant in transparent color toothpaste or opacity toothpaste, this kind of toothpaste possess good flexility and dispersibility, the toothpaste body is lubricity, soft, good ablation ability and no corrosion on the package. Also it can make the medication lasting for drug toothpaste. Especially the product has good mix with nitrogenous chemicals to avoid the fault of using calcium salt as the abradant.
  4. Cementation reagent: White carbon black can be used in cementation reagent made by natural rubber or synthesis rubber to make the product un-expensive with good price.
  5. Anti Agglomeration Reagent: White carbon black can be used in some products such as grass fertilizers, fungicide, grind abrasive, cloth bleacher etc. to promote the free fluid ability.
  6. Fillings in Paper Making: White carbon black can be used as fillings in paper making to increase the anti-osmotic performance and mechanical strength of paper. Also it can increase the whiteness and decrease the weight of paper with lower cost and good paper performance.

Also the product can be used in fire fighting, feed, cosmetics, extinction, pigment and paint.

Clirik HGM series grinding mill machine and PE&PC series crusher machine can process various particle sizes of white carbon black. Should you have any questions about out machine, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please check the following website[;;] or E-mail:

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