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Merry Christmas!

A new study shows that decorations that decorate Christmas in advance, such as Christmas trees and neon lights, make people happier. According to the traditions of Catholic countries such as Brazil, the Christmas tree is usually arranged and decorated around the first 4 days of Jesus' birth, so this year it should be started on December 3 and be dismantled on January 6 next January.
Merry Christmas!
Orthodox, Christian tradition is to arrange the Christmas tree on December 6; the United States and Canada are celebrating the day after Thanksgiving and decorating Christmas tree. However, the Christmas tree and decorations appear together in stores in early November when the store starts to roll out the sale by the end of the year. Experts now also say that Christmas decoration can make people happier.
Merry Christmas!
Psychological analyst Steve McKeown said in a world full of anxiety and manicure, people like to associate things that make them happy, and "Christmas decorations arouse the strong childhood feel."
Amy Morin, a psychologist, also said that nostalgia can help people understand their personality. "For many, Christmas jewelry is a way to get back into your childhood."
Wish all of us have a Merry Christmas Day! 

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