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Glory of Clirik Won by Continuous Innovation

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company with powerful vitality for its continuous innovation. And this makes Clirik the leading grinding mill manufacturer in China and advanced in the world roller mill market. This year, Clirik has sold out 2618 high quality grinding mills to the vast global market including America, Egypt, India and so on, breaking the record 2125 roller mills sold last year in autumn before the end of the year. The manager of Clirik still insists owning this merit to continuous innovation as usual with his keen insight.

Technically, there is no doubt no enterprise can stand out without outstanding innovation ability since the first productivity becomes innovation nowadays.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd

Since Clirik recognized the strength of innovation about twenty years ago, it has got on the road of industrial innovation without hesitation for its huge benefit. It might be a long history to expatiate it out of every innovation it has done, however, it is pretty worth listening and learning to every person and every enterprise who want to achieve more out of less. Then,the author will tell his dear reader more about the details.

To start with, Clirik has made a breakthrough in the three-ring roller mill field this year, which can represent the excellent innovation ability of itself. And this is the most striking news in the three-ring roller mill scope. What’s the breakthrough? Four-ring roller mill has been developed out by Clirik on the basis of the three-ring roller mill and it indicates the new era of four-ring roller mill comes. Four-ring means high capacity and fineness. Applied with the most efficient Clirik new invented energy saving technology from Germany and delicate unique powder purifying technique of Clirik, this kind of new roller mill machine took the most market share of roller mill in China like eating a piece of cake with ease in just two month.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd

Many quarry owners and mine bosses spoke highly of it for its terrific performance. “I love your machine because it has finished my grinding work much earlier than before. Now I can earn twice of the money to usual.” Clirik’ customer,Mr Wang said,”Maybe I will recommend it to my friend who is the owner of another quarry.” In China, few quarry owner or mine bosses have been through the college education, so they do not care about the working theories of these strange huge machine named roller mill, they only care about the benefit or profit only, even in the cost of sacrificing the suitable living environment turning it into waste desert. To be honest, this goes against the conception of Clirik, which is environment friendly. Clirik gave consideration to both sides and finally made it compatible between the both characteristics called efficiency and environment friendly. “I will never worry about being punished by the government anymore after taking use of the four-ring roller mill.”Said Customer Liu from Clirik,”I just handed in a million yuan to government as penalty last year, my heart still hurts every time I think of it.” Many people do not understand how that four-ring roller work, but they are fascinates by it like drug.

By now, this article has not came to an end. This article only touched a tip of the ice burger of Clirik. It’s just a beginning, and the author will talk more about the success of Clirik in next essay.
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