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How to distinguish cocoanut active charcoal pulverized by High pressure grinding mill?

cocoanut active style=Uses of coconut shell activated carbon: coconut shell activated carbon for drinking water purification, dechlorination, algae, oxygen, the catalytic carrier the best one activated carbon can be used for water purifiers, consider core filler netwater equipment; carbon slurry method can be used to heap leaching method and gold extraction and separation and extraction of precious metals in the metallurgical industry, and can also be used for water purification.
Coconut shell activated carbon characteristics:
1, Coconut shell activated carbon belongs Nutshell activated carbon category of its main features is the density, feel lighter lighter weight than activated carbon from coal in his hand. The same weight of activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon activated carbon from coal is generally greater than the volume.
2, the shape of the coconut shell activated carbon for crushing granular, flake, while the molded activated carbon, such as cylindrical, spherical activated carbon, mostly for coal carbon.
3, Coconut shell activated carbon density, feel light, so it can be activated carbon into the water, coal carbon generally sink to the bottom faster, coconut shell activated carbon floating in a longer time in the water, along with the saturated activated carbon adsorbed water molecules aggravate its own weight will gradually all sink to the bottom, when the activated carbon after all sink to the bottom, you will see every particles of activated carbon outside wrapped in a small air bubbles, crystal Ti through very interesting.
4, coconut shell activated carbon pore structure of small molecules, activated carbon into the water, its exclusive air will produce a lot of very small blisters (the naked eye can see just) adsorbed water molecules, crowded kept floating to the surface of the water. Activated charcoal is generally the pore structure of macromolecules, the generated bubble phase also.

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