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Which is a good grinder for carbonized coconut shell?

Coconut shell charcoal is processed by calcined, crushed and grinded etc. processing. Coconut shell charcoal Southeast Asia quality coconut shell as raw material, the use of advanced production technology, carbonization, activation, refined processing.
What is a good grinder for carbonized coconut shell?
YGM and HGM grinder mill, grinding mill is your best choice.
Coconut shell activated carbon as black amorphous particles, non-toxic, tasteless, and has developed pore structure, large specific surface area, adsorption capacity to strengthen the stability of the properties of the product, easy regeneration characteristics of activated carbon products ideal for semi-finished products. Coconut shell charcoal can remove the newly renovated house decoration materials release formaldehyde, xylene and other harmful gases, clean indoor air, and can be used for home, hotels, air-conditioned rooms, bathroom, entertainment, refrigerator, car, in addition to smell, detoxification, and purification of polluted air.

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