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Grinding mill sent to Shandong Yantai area - Clirik

Yantai City is located in the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula, north and south of the Yellow Sea. Yantai City is rich in mineral resources, more minerals, energy minerals, metallic minerals, non-metallic mineral, water and gas mineral four major categories which can be divided according to the mineral nature of its main purposes.
Yantai area non-metallic mineral resources: metallurgical auxiliary materials: magnesite, dolomite, fluorite, graphite, serpentine, sillimanite, kyanite sand. Chemical raw minerals: phosphorus, pyrite, barite, peat, brine, salt, bromine, iodine, alkali marble, cement raw minerals: limestone, marble, slate, zeolite rock, scoria. Ceramic glass raw minerals: diopside stone the tremolite, porcelain stone, the Yixing stone, feldspar, kaolin, pebbles, vein quartz, quartzite, quartz sand. Non-metallic mineral construction materials: building stone, construction sand, slate, brick clay, brick shale. Other non-metallic mineral: basalt, asbestos, mica, vermiculite, perlite, bentonite, talc, green steatite, agate, inkstones, ornamental stones, grindstones, Whetstone, garnet, crystal glaciers stone, medical stone .
Shanghai Clirik is specializing in the production of non-metallic mineral grinding mill equipment manufacturers, our team has already several years of practical experience in the the traditional grinding mill R & D. Above in technology, we have the most professional team, the main technical parameters to optimize the design of the production of a new type of grinding mill equipment, has a strong practicality and applicability of this series grinding mill equipment on the environment. Now the noise has been much smaller than before. Electricity consumption now greatly reduced. Low-carbon economy will be a long protracted war. Overall our grinding mill equipment is high efficiency, low energy consumption, high production, environmentally clean, and is in line with the development of an important invention of the modern society.

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