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Kaolin application in Rubber Industries

Kaolin is used as a filler in many rubber goods. It adds strength, abrasion resistance, and rigidity to both natural and synthetic rubber products. In general, most rubber products extrude more easily after kaolin filler is added. The major reason that kaolin is used in rubber compounds is its whiteness and low cost. Although kaolin costs less than most other rubber pigments, it has excellent functional properties.

AKI''s specialty inorganic powders are formulated in compounds for an endless array of rubber products, in a broad range of end-use markets. From tires, gaskets, belts, plugs, and mats, to thousands of unique molded, extruded and fabricated parts. AKI offers a broad product assortment to satisfy the needs of rubber compounders and producers. Our kaolin products meet the demanding needs of its global and regional customers.



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