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Clirik grinding equipment wear resistance prominent

Mill liners are wearable pieces of equipment, high, lining up the life requirements the liner replacement frequency will bring some pressure to the cost of production of the user.Clirik grinding equipment production liner made of special material, makes the liner quality  been greatly improved, and significant savings in the cost of production, and liner replacement time savings, improve work efficiency.
Specifically, Clirik grinding equipment liner liner compared with other grinding equipment has a quintet of unique advantages:1, the yield of the grinding equipment increased by 10% -20% 2, in the same units as mill production electric consumption reduced by 15% -30% . 3, the useful life of the liner to 3-5 years. 4, pulverizing the specific surface area can improve 20-30m2/kg;5, to speed up the flow rate of the material, reduce the decibel.
Clirik is a quality brand of mill industry, the years the company is committed to the production and development of grinding equipment, has accumulated a wealth of experience, Clirik grinding equipment has been out of the country now exported to Europe, the Middle East dozens of countries in South Asia, South America, Africa, won the praise of customers at home and abroad.

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