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Clirik carefully crafted industry leader in a new generation

High Pressure Mill is mainly applied in the processing the following Mohs hardness of 9.3, the humidity below 6% non-flammable, non-explosive mineral materials of high pressure milling machine, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower industry has a wide range of applications.Clirik carefully build the industry leader in high-pressure mill.
Clirik milling equipment engineers consider that to build a mill to a strong high-pressure mill from the following aspects:
    (1) progress grinding pressure;
    (2) reversing the week grain mill area (roller the height × mill circle inside diameter);
    (3) Add the probability of contact of the roller mill circle;
    (4) Add the rotational speed of the spindle.
Some high pressure mill manufacturers make efforts in progress grinding pressure , Clirik engineers draw the traditional adjustment milling equipment advantages, the adoption of a new generation of High Pressure Mill:
    (1) increase the diameter of the grinding roller and grinding ring;
    (2) finishing rollers appearance, so the beginning of the roller mill circle enter Jingmo morphology, contact superior abrasion average;
    (3) Add the spindle speed by 7% to 8%, in the host power constant premise progress milling efficiency, especially progress in the processing of ultra-fine powder can.
High Pressure Mill winnowing airflow in the fan - the grinding shell - cyclone - fan circulates job, so less than the high-speed centrifugal mill dust, and operating shop clean, no pollution to the environment.

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