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Prospect of Clirik grinding mill development direction

Micro powder grinding mill is also a kind of stave machinery, the technology in recent years is as the modern high technology and new material industry and developed a new crushing engineering technology  has become the most important industrial minerals and other raw materials one of deep processing technology, the modern development of high-tech industry is of great significance. But now our domestic micro powder mill to abroad is still relatively, there is still a gap, therefore, the future development direction of micro powder mill show mainly in the following aspects:

1, We need to improve existing micro powder mill structure, and improve the micro powder mill in the ore to hard broken ability and equipment maintenance convenience, improve ore of a broken rate and energy utilization.
2, We shoud research and development with high wear-resisting high toughness of new plate hammer materials, improve the service life of the plate hammer, improve the productivity.
3, We can apply  modern electromechanical integration technology and modern control method, and constantly improve the grinding automation degree, reduce the labor intensity, improve productivity.
4, In order to meet the market and customers need, micro powder mill positive series normalization, large-scale development.
5, To insist technological innovation, to get rid of a single gradually product introduction and imitation.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd,production of ultrafine powder grinding, has the covers an area of less, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient maintenance, environmental protection clean and high reliability etc, deeply user consistent praise highly. In the future development of the road, clirick will be adhering to the "quality is the life of this, the service is a source of the development" concept, speed up the pace of scientific research innovation grinding, for users to create more and more high quality micro powder mill.

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