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Calcium carbonate grinder mill pulverize marble, shell, lime

Calcium carbonate is a kind of valuable resource which has wide applications. It is a common material exists in aragonite, calcite, chalk, limestone, marble, calc tufa and other rocks, commonly named limestone. Limestone has long mining history as important building materials. In the modern industry, limestone is used as the main raw material of making cement, lime, calcium carbide, and it is a necessary flux for metallurgical industry. After grinded by micro powder grinder mills, superior quality limestone superfine powder can be widely used in paper-making, rubber, paint, coating, medicine, cosmetic, feed, sealing, bond, polishing etc.

According to incompletely statistics, the total consumption of limestone which used in cements, building, lime-making and flux, comparing with the consumption of limestone used in ultrafine calcium carbonate powder products, the ratio is 1:3. So it is clear that ultrafine calcium carbonate products are the main application of  marble, shell, limestone, chalk, calcite, aragonite etc. ores.

The most common calcium carbonate product is ground limestone (also called heavy calcium powder). Heavy calcium powder is made from calcite, limestone, chalk, shell, aragonite, marble etc., processed by super fine powder grinding mill, ultrafine powder grinder mills, calcium carbonate industrial grinding mill (three-rings medium micro powder grinding mills). With the different fineness, heavy calcium can be divided into four standards, and respectively used for various industry departments.

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