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With the rapid development of modern society and economy, various metals, non-metallic, chemical minerals, cement, building materials, and other materials’ social demand and process scale expanding increasingly. At the same time, the amount of materials is increasing rapidly. Since the 90's, grinded material each year around the world reached 10 billion metric tons. Brittle materials in China annual production has reached more than 1.5 billion, of which about 240 million tons of iron ore, nonferrous metal ore more than more than 100 million tons, more than 260 million tons of non-metallic minerals, chemical minerals more than 30 million tons, around more than 400 million tons of cement, building materials with more than 470 million tons of limestone. Most of these materials are subject to grinding, so crushing and powder engineering plays a great role in the national economy.

Powder materials that manufactured by grinder mill have a wide range of purpose, almost every industry in the industrial production is involved:

  1. Glass: flat glass, float glass, glass products (glass, cans, glass bottles, glass tube, and so on), optical glass, glass fiber, glass apparatus, and radiation-shielding conductive glass, glass cloth special glass of the main raw material.
  2. Ceramic and refractory materials: porcelain embryo materials and glazes, kilns, ordinary silica brick with high silica brick and raw materials such as Silicon Carbide. Metallurgy: Silicon metal, ferrosilicon and Silicon raw materials such as aluminum or additives, flux.
  3. Building, and chemical, and machinery: concrete, and rubber coagulation material, and road material, and artificial marble, and cement physical performance test material (is cement standard sand),; Silicon compounds and water glass, of raw materials, sulfuric acid Tower of filled property, no fixed shaped II oxidation Silicon micro-powder; cast type sand of main raw materials, grinding material (spray sand, and hard grinding paper, and sandpaper, and Emery cloth,).
  4. Electronic, rubbers and plastics and coatings: electronic filler, high purity silicon metal and communications using optical fiber, improves wear resistance and weatherability of coating.

  In the mineral processing industry, ore dressing plant grinding production cost of a job, more than an average of 40% per cent of the full cost, production costs and ground operations, an average of 40% per cent of the full cost of more than, and ground equipment investment accounted for mineral processing plants with a total investment of around 60%.

 In the cement industry, cement grinding effect cost about 20% per cent of production costs, crushing machinery of power consumption accounted for plant-wide total electricity consumption of 10%, and powder machinery electricity consumption accounts for 60%.

Today, the mill of new environmental protection and energy saving of cost is reduced rapidly scale and technological progress as the industry. Cost reduction, and mining investors are more willing to buy affordable, reliable energy-Clirik grinder put into production as the preferred device.

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