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Grinder Mill to improve properties of clay, building excelle


Clay mineral compositions complex, mainly composed of kaolinite, Muscovite, Montmorillonite, quartz and feldspar. Particle sizes are inconsistent, often containing sand, silt and clay, and so on. Has water absorption and adsorption, plasticity after adding water.

Using clay mill processing clay minerals into clay micro-powder, can dramatically improve clay’s freeze-thaw resistance, light pollution, breathability and other features. Now in the extremely broad application of modern building materials field, become one essential for home decoration materials.

  1. Excellent freeze-thaw resistance characteristics: in the case of water absorption rate of 10%, porcelain tiles at-15 ° c freezing and thawing three times have all been frozen cracks, and ceramic tile can be at -45 ° c and freeze-thaw environment of 50 times without cracking.
  2. Good resistance to light pollution performance: ceramic tile 90% light of the above can all be refracted, vision for the protection of the human body has a very good effect, reducing light pollution.
  3. Good sound-absorbing effect: due to the ceramic brick entire bodies with a large number of uniform fine close open stomata, sound waves can be refracted out wholly or in part, take to the outdoors to reduce noise, indoor eliminate echo effect, is to create good materials of high quality urban living environment.
  4. Good air permeability and water permeability: superiority of breathable, waterproof ceramic bricks in green civilization today full of play, its quaint charm and natural landscape integration, reflects the harmonious dialog between man and nature.
  5. Good resistance to weathering and corrosion resistance: with the increase of industrial pollution, acidic day by day in the rain is on the rise, many construction materials because unable to accept this challenge and be eliminated. Purely natural processes make the ceramic brick itself contains only a small number of chemical impurities, its internal structure is also less susceptible to acid rain effects, corrosion-resistance of clay characteristics cannot be compared with other materials.

China's very long history of using clay, porcelain is one of the representations of China. In the area of modern building materials decoration, under the promotion of micro powder, clay can better meet new area about home improvement needs of low-carbon energy-saving pollution, creation excellent and harmonious living environment.


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