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Routine maintenance and maintenance of vertical mill

Vertical mill also known as a vertical roller mill is one of the industrial mill, widely used in various building stones of ultra-fine powder processing, such as calcite, barite, and so on, is the special equipment for processing stone powder. About the maintenance and repair of vertical mill, Shanghai Clirik machinery co., ltd. provides you several references:

  1. Spindle refueling time each class one time, but must note, found the oil in oil Cup no loss or loss too slow, should immediately cleaning oil road, then plus 50# machinery oil, oil Cup location in spindle top, spindle base bearing, and mill roller bearing each class with butter gun raise 3# lithium base grease once, Analyzer bearing each six months takes apart cleaning once, plus foot 3# lithium base grease, wind machine bearing room plus lithium base grease.
  2. Don’t put metal pieces into the tank, doing so could damage the grinding roller and grinding ring, even Center hanger and so on.
  3. Feeding should be even, not too much or less. Overcharge duct will be blocked, reducing yield, easy to burn motor, feeding too little will to feed production. Feeding granularity: If hard material in less than 15 mm in diameter, soft material 20 mm diameter, is strictly prohibited within large materials joining.
  4. To adjust the air flow: located on the fan intake manifold air flow control valve, generally open to the maximum position, appropriate adjustments based on fineness, yield requirements. Control valve located on the exhaust outlet exhaust pipe, adjustable to take no dust at feed out. So it has small volume, high fineness. It should be noted, air flow is too small, in the wind channel hosts below precipitation materiel, make appropriate adjustments.
  5. Fineness adjustment, based on item size, soft and hard, water content, the proportion is different, fits the processed different sizes you can adjust the top of the parser, high speed, high fineness, low speed, low fineness. Improve the fineness, yield will be lower, if you still do not meet the requirements when debugging fan speed, users can be flexible.
  6. Ring roller mill scrap the limit, the remaining minimum wall thickness shall not be less than 10MM.
  7. When you stop, stop feeding firstly, the host continues, residual Abrasives continued grinding, about a minute later, you can shut down the host motor and Analyzer motor, stop grinding work and subsequently stopped fan motor so that blowing residues powder clean.


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