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China‘s crusher market prospect is good

Our crusher is very extensive marketing in manufacturing environment, including chemical industry, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, mine, glass, etc. In China, the most important applications, paving cement industry is mine, and the application of the two industries accounted for the entire industry crusher 30%.

Crusher development prospect:

A stable and rapid economic development in China in 2004, more than 9% of GDP growth. Cement road infrastructure development must pull crusher industry growth.

Second, the crusher of renewal. Due to the small crusher life only for domestic famous Berlin production duet, every year for replacement crusher 20% of the total demand crusher, even in the domestic many hammer crusher, domestic whole running over age tends to aging, larger renewal is just a question of time,

Third, the west development in crusher. As countries continue to expand domestic demand, the increasing pace of infrastructure construction, it brings the vigorous development of industry of crusher, because it is the source of all raw materials, without the crusher of productivity is how imagined that revenue for the dare.

Moreover, let us from the perspective of industry forecast analysis: next crusher in 2006 after the high rate of two Numbers, according to the American equipment manufacturers association (AEM) annual prediction research, crusher equipment manufacturers in 2007 the industry will present a small increase trend. The gains will spread to the United States, Canada and the world market. They are all equipment industry in 2006, breakers of the 2005 sales will increase by 11.2%. Till the end of 2006, Canada's trade growth. The rest of the world market sales are expected to increase 10.9%. In 2007, the participant will increase the sales are expected to America, Canada, 3.9% increase, and the world will be improved by other market is expected to grow to 6.4%.

When an industry or product export growth reaches 40% ~ 70% of boom period, when after period of time, will enter the trade friction in high-risk period, crushing machine industry is in such a period. With the economic globalization, the traditional means of trade barriers or cancel, weakened gradually anti-dumping and technical barriers to trade is more and more. The developed countries use the technical advantage, and to maintain the whole country or region, safeguard human or animal safety and environment protection, etc, constantly take technical regulations, standards, authentication, patents, improve the market in China, the technical doorsill of export products, building trade barriers. Therefore, in the current export trade growth situation, we must stay awake and rational knowledge, enhance the prevention of international trade friction disputes. Consciousness and Last year's manual firenet anti-dumping cases to our construction machinery industry was a wake-up call. In international trade, the enterprise needs to notice and prevent breaker against the two including 2 (i.e. anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures and special security measures, technical barriers, political and financial and RMB appreciation etc. Various risks.

Our broken machinery manufacturing scale has entered the international producer, but overall competition and development in the future are not with the developed countries, the current domestic rival high-end users and export products imported components relies mainly on the basis of the export trade friction, along with increasing, must by foreign competitors and suppliers. Therefore in the revitalization of stave machinery development should focus on basic technology and basic components, improving independent development level. China HaiXie families on the manufacturer crusher mechanical limited company devotes to the production crusher, mill production line equipment and gravel system mechanical equipment, etc. One jaw crusher, hammer crusher, large mill equipment has been exported to India, Algeria, Ethiopia's customers, especially grinding machine, jaw crusher equipment get foreign vigorously appreciated!


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