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The ultrafine powder mill application:

Superfine grinding machine is mainly used for calcite, limestone, marble, kaolin, barites, aluminum hydroxide, gypsum, ferric iron oxide green, clay, coal, active carbon as less than 8% moisture of conventional materials, such as the grinding and shattered the hardness's of inflammable and explosive of ultrafine powder processing. Fineness in 500 eye (25 micron) - 25 eyes (5 micron) the powder for 3500 eye (3.55 microns).

The ultrafine powder grinding machine
The ultrafine grinding machine is introduced: the mill is through using high pressure and improve the accuracy of analytical spring, so as to improve the grinding materials, the fineness of the original 2000 orders for 3500. Improve In the same fineness conditions than average yield 31.8% improve airflow mill, since 2006 in powder manufacturers, become more like purchase of grinding machine.


The ultrafine powder mill features:

The ultrafine powder grinding machine working principle and R series Raymond milling machine are basically the same. But in grinding device insta


lled in the Spring Festival, make voltage between rollers and ring mill grinds pressure increase 1.2 times. When the rollers and ring reaches a certain wear, through adjusting


 voltage spring length, make roll grinding ring between constant pressure to ensure quality, run. This mill in grinding device, var


ious spare parts through technical improvement makes rollers and ring the contact area, avoid the maximum general mill, small particle materials in the aperture of uneven phenomenon of continuous grinding can. According to the gas flow calculation and the cypress nouri equation, changed the simulation results of fineness classification of blade geometry machine, readjust the edge Angle and relative shift into the gap, superfine powder classification can effective sorting out its precisely accuracy can be reached 95%.

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