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China's development status of ultrafine mill

The 2006 China nonmetalliferous ore of ultrafine mill and superfine classifier is larger, the research progress in: (1) the main performance of the three from the crushing theory put forward a new theory of grinding, the existing theories and practice, grinding process behind is a very complicated process, multidisciplinary joint in-depth research together, will have further breakthroughs. In the practice, grinder for mixing mill is summarized, and the detailed study on airflow mill, micropipette grinding structure is the surge flow pulverizer, new structure, Have GYM yifeng grinding. 3 for dry superfine classifier has turbine classification of new design of machine. Give a brief overview below.

1 ultra-fine grinding machine

Blessed mother born summarizes three power crushing theory GaoDing said: A schumann product size characteristics, A formula, J, H01ms formula, tanaka damien duff limit surface theory and the crushing energy said barlow, points out that the theory after breaking the deficiencies and limitations, 1 the three famous power, each have their own theory applicable scope, from the Angle of practical said they have certain one-sidedness, 2 for crushing material particle size is not the same for energy. In fact, the smaller particle materials, its strength, the higher the difficulty, to consume more energy. This large number of crushing theory Mao reactive mathematical model are not reflected in three theory, so the accuracy of the use of big give discount, 3 the fineness of grinding material is limited, and may not be infinite crushing down. Material deformation and fracture process is very complicated, and it is not... A isolated system, but with a material and energy exchange is an open system, is a steady-state a ramp a mutation of the spiral evolution, at the same time, along with the energy, heat dissipation. To complete system, establish the need for material crushing power equation, the theory basis of multidisciplinary in interdiscipline, under the premise of power equation to build more perfect and comprehensive possible, to reveal the complex system for material crushing the inner mechanism of evolution.

ZhangGuoWang etc enumerated mixing mill classification and application scope, introduced the domestic and foreign development of mixing mill mixing mill theoretical study and application. The future development of mixing mill that research focuses on: (1) large superfine agitating mill production sub-micron powder or thick heavy calcium carbonate (for example, fantastic, additive etc), 2 centrifugal superfine agitating mill production of nano coatings, printing ink and pigment, 3 ultrafine grained narrow low pollution mixing mill's research, development and application of new materials in 4 large mining by mixing mill applied in mineral processing (such as gold, lead-zinc mine, iron ore, molybdenum) to grind, 5 strengthen superfine agitating mill grinding machine, developing the new mechanism of superfine agitating mill efficiency to different mineral powder materials preparation.

LvFang etc that fluidized bed airflow crusher, under existing 1 at the bottom of the crushing chamber for unloading convenient, are designed by feeding device, became a conical send people crushed indoor material, once into the crushing chamber below in the fall within the cone, the material that has entered a blind, can continue to smash, 2 an approximate plane to smash areas, within the scope of the area, and makes the material flow is narrow, the impact extrusion and secretly, relatively few chances of friction, 3 in traditional structure makes the material by grinding process, its fluidized state to wards, and deposition in the crushing chamber below the materials in the cone cannot form of fluidized state. This is the high energy consumption, low efficiency of equipment, the main reasons.

Iraq and a flat design and synthesis of micropipette grinding mill two micropipette grinding, analyses the working principle, from the Angle of the materials for crushing material analysis. This machine for LDG - 500 type, production capacity of 150 ~ 800kg/h, grinding wheel diameter D = 500mm, into the grain-size 15mm acuities l200r/min, spindle speed, Electrical power 15kW product size 10 ~ 500. The author thinks that the equipment from the superfine crushing requirements, brittle material production super-hard of ultra-fine powder and certain disparity, still should further research broken's hardness 8 to 9 materials.

JinZhen medium introduces airflow crusher work medium hot compress air work, results showed that: (1) the shattering of different materials, choose the working medium changes, with hot compress air as medium, on the one hand, to provide large crushing strength and product, on the other hand, in the same basic product size, use hot under the premise of compressed air than using more economic overheating steam, 2 presents a hot compress air spray nozzle part of feeder with design, the method is simple, and can be easily applied to engineering design.

SunChengLin detailed introduces yifeng mill series products, the market for the large mill type (86) of calcium carbonate, talcum powder grinding technology data reports, was introduced in this factory, and pointed out the advantages of some good fineness is adjustable, fineness and high output, low energy consumption, compact structure, good performance.

JiXiaoLi through the crushing mechanism of fluidized bed airflow mill, and crushing cavity pressure working with the number of SiC nozzle spray particle morphology research, working pressure, the number of parameters, such as injection nozzle SiC particles

Has a great influence on the appearance of the conclusion, which adopts high crushing cavity pressure to increase crushing strength of propellant. Using two wards to increase the chances of particles into each other preparation is the effective method of flake SiC powder, fluidized bed type airflow mill with multistage crush turbine classifier system can better quality products more preparation level of ultrafine powder SiC intergranular.

2 epilogue

In 2006, China's comprehensive ultrafine mill and classification of the machine, the conclusions are as follows:

(1) ultra-fine comminution theory with the three should smash theory represented in different ways, but how can correct performance will be shattered circles to work hard to study, we expect a full expression as soon as possible.

(2) classification in 2006 than in the past year the research has outstanding performance, superfine crushing circles fully realized this, if we work together to pay more attention, we believe that the future, China will have better dry superfine classifier.

(3) 2006 new ultrafine mill haven't seen massive market development, further efforts.
(4) in the ultrafine mill and superfine classifier has greater progress


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