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grinding mill installation and commissioning


2.1 installation
1) workshop to install the 4T p (lift tools, lifting height 9M not less than 2.
Note: HGM8021 2T (1), (2) installation requirements 30km
2) and host should be pouring concrete foundation fan. KuoSanShi dual cyclone set powder and pulse bag filter can not found, but should be placed on the ground, hardening and expansion bolt.
3) various pipeline connecting flange should be parallel to the relative, and between the elastic cushion in the flange gasket, balata good, or glass.
4) should satisfy each wire diameter rated current of the motor.
5) equipment installation, first check whether the machine is bolts, nuts, etc.
6) hand plate moving slowly rotating, each single feel normal electric operation.
7) check whether the switch electric machine operation.
8) check fan, classifier, host to whether the direction indicated by the operation.
9) open fan pipe and check for leaks, connection place because of the whole system is in negative pressure (small), if under vacuum pipelines or connection place have aperture, air inhaled by inside extroversion, and therefore must be carefully checked, otherwise yield can be reduced, serious clogging host.
10 all fasteners to install the firm).
11) adjustment, spindle motor coupling Φ 0.05 mm coaxial tolerance couplings.
12) adjustment frame and motor 0.065 levelness floor mm.
Before the examination results 2.2
1 >, in the trial before the check whether the pipeline sealing parts, fasteners, whether firmly,
2 >, main reducer to join HJ30-40 JiXieYou #, add to oil window 3/4 position, in use process ensure 3 months for 1 times (8 hours per day),
3 >, hoist speed reducer to join HJ30-40 JiXieYou #, add to oil window 3/4 position, 3 months for 1 times (8 hours per day),
4 >, before starting the check control system and the corresponding motor connecting correctly, must not have short circuit and pick the wrong phenomenon.
230 debugging devices
All inspection is completed, please click below for no-load commissioning procedures.
1 >, close total brake,
2 >, air compressor, (at startup before joining the filter mechanical lubricant) above the pressure gauges to 6-7KG oil-water separator, lower and lower water bag of water every 8 hours should switch 2 times,
3 >, activate pulse control system, the pulse frequency adjustment to 4-5 seconds blowing 1 times,
4 >, hoist,
5 >, start hammer breaking machine,
6 >, began to hammer breaking machine, stay inside feeding machine in quantitative analysis of machine; after starting materials,
7 >, frequency converter, lit up, then start switch starting rotation machines. Adjust analysis (analysis and host running direction from looking down on the clockwise) analysis of the grinding mill machine running speed is according to the customer request and the final fineness, (about 100 turn equals 100 mesh),
8 >, high-pressure blower,
9 >, micro powder grinding host, After the start (fan) completely
10 >, host completely, start feeder, if the host, after loading current 200A than (not stop feeding, the main current relay a pointer to the left, until you can adjust to 200A 4 stop feeding. If the current 200A reach 5 is the right to adjust to 180-200A can; 6.
Note: HGM8021 commissioning requirements, 3, 4, 5 100A 100A 100A, 6 100A - 90.
11 >, material preparation, start after unloading valve and screw conveyor after finished materials,
12 >, the operation is completed.
Note: micro powder grinding machine, the analysis of main bearing on three days. (can not stop operation),
2.4 downtime
1 >, the first stop hammer breaking machine,
2 >, hoist,
3 >, stop feeding machine,
4 >, < 110A 7 main current stopped host,
Note: HGM8021 commissioning requirements, 60A 7.
5 >, high-pressure blower,
6 >, to stop running after fan fully analyzed machine,
7 >, stay, filter material integrating powder after unloading stop discharging valve and spiral conveyer,
8 >, air compressor,
9 >, stop impulse control instrument.
10 >, shut off the main power.

The third chapter

According to request 3.1 to control during the motor overloaded.
Always check the bag filter 3.2 counter blowing air pressure to avoid jams, reduce fan, air bag, affect production flow.
Always check every 3.3 fasteners, always guarantee firm, lest produce an accident.
Note the connection place to seal air leakage, not reliable.


The fourth chapter and maintenance
4.1 grinding mill machine is in use process, should be established by the specialist is responsible, post responsibility and standard operation. Operators must be familiar with the performance of the machine, the application requirements, procedures. The new duty personnel must meet the requirements through technical training, duty after operation.
For the mill plant working normally

4.2, equipment maintenance system must be established to ensure safe operation of grinding machine is long, equipped with the necessary maintenance tools and accessories and grease.
4.3 mill use after period of time, should repair, such as the discovery of grinding and ring worn parts etc, also for grinding and grinding ring, etc, to ensure parts replaced the normal production.
According to the lubrication system requirements on

4.4 to equipment all lubricating points for refueling.
4.5 ring is worn to certain thickness will crack is a normal phenomenon, should change in time.
Regular cleaning 4.6 fan blade, in order to ensure that the ash fan smooth operation.
Regular cleaning muffler, lest 470 resistance, air system.
480 regularly check if there is worn the bag filter, should change in time.
490 corollary equipment maintenance, according to its specifications.
Kind mainframe and classifier lubrication system


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