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China's mill technology in the world


       China powder industry has become a cross-industry, interdisciplinary industry, the value of the industry already accounted for powder to the first and second half of the total industrial output value of national economy and occupies an important position. China powder industry association (chips) HuRongZe director, professor "powder industrial because of its universality, advanced and practical in the national economy, and has important strategic position."

    Superfine pulverizing mill with modern technology is of high technology and new materials industry and developed a new crushing engineering technology, has become the most important industrial minerals and other raw material processing technology of modern, one of the development of high-tech industry has important significance.

    The superfine crushing, with its surface, can cause the other properties of change, and greatly improve the use effect of materials and utilization. The ultrafine powder is penetrated the industry and the high technology fields, is regarded as the origin of modern technology. Superfine grinding technology has been widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, building material, chemical, food, medicine, agricultural, environmental protection and aerospace and so on.

    In recent years, China's economy has achieved rapid development, the mill equipment in its territory project plays a vital role. Nowadays, mining machinery mill industries have passed on cheap labor and the cost of the environment of the vulgar stage of development, low-carbon economy with the international development trend, the mill industries are actively to explore the development of energy conservation and environmental protection. This is not only governments need to further change ideas, but also for the vast number of grinding machine manufacture enterprise need further emancipates the mind, the vision with international vision, treat the industry development.

    Mill with rapid development of industry, has emerged in a passels elite enterprise, China powder technology from powdery production, application and progress of research and development equipment manufacturing very fast, new equipments and new products on the market, show strong vitality and vigor. Such as Shanghai clirik Machinery Co., LTD, an enterprise which is major in R&D crusher and grinding machines, from the inception, the company has been at the forefront of grinding machine technology, from the earliest to introduce advanced foreign technology development of milling machine, high-pressure micro powder, grinding machine, etc.  Nowadays clirik group  played with independent patent completely grinding machine, the vertical milling machine, step by step, makes China mill technology toward the world frontier in science and technology.

    At present, China's booming industry is in powder of superfine grinding technology and product demand rapid growth, especially developed countries are gradually open market, China may have become superfine grinding technology and product manufacturing power and power. Today, China's mill enterprise with scientific management, the perfection of the manufacturing process, innovative concept, first-class manufacturing quality control means of detecting and high quality of products, and this will lay grinding machinery industry in China's leading position.


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