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clirik have making a significant contribution to Environment


With the rapid development of infrastructure, application field in recent years, the rapid expansion is constantly increasing social quartz production in recent years, as investors by the industry.

Since 2006, yunnan province, FengYangXian in zhaotong city in fushui county in quartz sand grinding work two years or so villagers will develop pneumoconiosis disease, and has caused more than ten young death, caused wide public concern directly to the local environmental protection bureau, quartz sand production workshop, the purge quartz sand production environmental protection request to higher level.
According to the relevant departments, many regions in mill quartz production workshop, the family home production equipment, production, dust, even on both sides of the road were spread on the roof of a thick layer of lime, the environment directly affect the work of sand factory workers body health.
Along with society's increasing attention to environmental protection industry, powder for crusher, superfine grinding machine equipment, environmental protection request also become a mandatory index, the customer in the choice of equipment are more began considering equipment, domestic numerous mine environmental performance and grinding machine stave machinery manufacturers are also beginning from the traditional processing equipments to new technology. As a large domestic mining machinery manufacturing enterprise, research on HaiXie secco machinery Co., LTD has been the equipment of technological innovation as the power for the development of the enterprise, with years of r&d has technical achievements. Among them, HGM ultrafine powder grinding machine, speed grinding, the ultrafine powder grinding, pulverizer, crushing equipment, grinding machine, milling machine, milling equipment, grinding machinery in the original equipment on the basis of the big breakthrough, completely based on environmental protection and energy saving efficiency of research and production standards for customers, build long-term operation efficiency.

shanghai clirik machinery Co., LTD. have  making a significant contribution to Environmental protection


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