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what's the China's crusher industries Facing the situation

China's crusher industry development to present this situation should be the exact place so grim situation, generally in the form of a few big factor is worth deliberate.

The first hand the reasons from the enterprise itself, the detail should includes three aspects, here I -- count:
First is the product of the technical and quality issues were really, the production technology of the crusher is still stays in the technical level, the machine before still exist, high power, the noise pollution, the problem, how to produce new breakage, how to improve the technical innovation ability, the crusher is mainly doing, is imminent. This is an aspect of selling products, however, some small and medium-sized enterprises no innovation ability, not to mention the technical development, only have been used before the old-fashioned crushing technology. This greatly restrain the development of the enterprise.

Second is the producer of the crushing machinery industry in the management ability, there are some problems, because now there are many production enterprise of the industry management are managing, this management mode of enterprise, it is fatal outstanding characteristic is loose, and implement management, lack of team spirit and innovative ability, but not so family-run enterprises is such, not a stick. A few family-run enterprises, and their management is in perfect order, reason, they can always crisis, dares to introduce new marketing mode, the new management idea, they do very successful,

Finally, the product process is to improve the technical level of production workers to a level. To strict quality and process, because it is the private enterprise or the type of family-owned businesses and workers are not hire root, the existing problems of workers is uneven. Workers have high and land, which appeared in the process of production, the product quality problem, also is a very natural thing. In the product made from appearance looks very coarse to customers at first glance, the production process is have a problem! This is very serious.

Industry development present situation, the industry really worrying is facing the development situation of 1930's and, if the industry is not to reform, if still find backlog continues to, consequence is very terrible.

Crusher producers should reflect the local management departments should reflect the crusher of industry, why should reflect the situation is caused by today, self reason, or external factors, really should reflect. If the producers have walked old-fashioned production management way, not on the management mode reform, improve production technology, then eliminated the possibility of very large, eventually will be kicked out of the industry.


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