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Mill's development present situation and future prospect

The development of grinding machine is nearly decades of history, the present world popular and dominant Raymond grinding, mostly in the American Newell's company on the basis of the derivatives, nearly 70 percent of the quantity, the earliest medium mill, its history can be traced back to the 1950s. Raymond milling machine with the development of industry development is closely related to scrap the start for processing, some thin, with the deepening understanding, and broken processing hard material appeared, the superiority of the materials of various specifications of Raymond milling machine, and constantly develop three-ring medium mill was born, the use of the wider and wider, and can match with appropriate conveyor and sorting equipment, can easily composed ore production. Crushing

Three-ring medium mill in China's development, in the 1950s, China's truly have crusher. Therefore, our country's broken screening equipment are mostly appeared in the 1950s. In the 1980s, the domestic before our mill only confine to handle such as coal and limestone hard materials in. Until the late 1980s in China before the hard rock mill, just fill our high hardness of the mill. Thus the dawn in dhi technology and Raymond milling machine based on the research of production speed grinding machine. Three-ring

Speed grinding machine is three-ring ore of a kind of stave machinery. In recent years, along with modern technology is of high technology and new materials industry and developed a new crushing engineering technology, has become the most important industrial minerals and other raw material processing technology of modern, one of the development of high-tech industry has important significance. But now our domestic and abroad mill is still relatively difference, therefore, the future development direction of grinding machine is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, the need for existing mill structure, improve the speed of three-ring mill for crushing ores in hard ability and equipment maintenance convenience, its main focus on plate hammer, in order to improve the structure of the rotor plate hammer replacement and pack card, Counterattack (crushing cavity) structure optimization, a crushing ores and energy utilization.

Second, in order to adapt to the market and customer needs, three-ring medium mill, the large-scale development positive series normalization. Third, the application of modern electromechanical integration technology and modern control methods (such as hydraulic technology and electronic technology, and constantly improve the speed of three-ring mill automation degree, reduce labor intensity, and to increase productivity. Example: the application of modern computer aided design optimization of structure parameters, back to improve the utilization of energy and minerals once broken rate.

Fourth, the research and development of high wear-resisting high toughness of new plate hammer materials improve plate hammer the using life and raise productivity.

Fifth, adhere to the technological innovation of the products, gradually introduce and single imitation


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