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Non-metallic Minerals Industry

Non-metal is not metal, but it is also one of China's use of resources "Gold Mountain." However, the guarding "Gold Mountain" and non-metallic mineral industry, entrepreneurs been referred to as vulnerable groups.
January 24, China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Economic Development Forum held in Beijing. Introduced by the sponsor of this forum aims to upgrade the mineral resources in China accounted for one of the three blocks non-metallic mineral (metal, energy and other mineral resources) in the national economy status, proof non-metallic mineral industries in the country's overall economic situation in the current under the direction of development, policy-oriented, self-reinforcing system proposed by the industry's ideas and innovative models.
"Small, a lot of problems, unlimited potential." China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association Zhan Zhang way to describe the non-metallic mineral industry, he even "We Ready" and eye-catching title issued to the industry, "opportunities belong to prepare non-metallic mineral industries "call.
Outdoor cold whistle, interior nice and warm, speech excitement, hearing the quiet, the forum focused on fact, to a theme: Non-metallic mineral industry, the way out? Bao Tuan participating entrepreneurs quite warm atmosphere, the cold season, it seems to smell a non-metallic mineral spring atmosphere.
It is understood that non-metallic mineral resources for the development of the national economy a large number of basic raw materials, such as the paper industry a lot of high-grade paper from a large number of non-metallic mineral fillers and coatings; high-purity quartz is the integrated circuit chips, plastic materials, optical fiber, optical fiber Laser source products such as the main material; made of graphite material can be used as anti-atomic radiation shell, rockets, missiles, space and aerospace equipment, spare parts, etc., but also as environmental protection and ecological construction of cheap and efficient materials.
China is the world's non-metallic mineral resources of the more abundant one of the countries, varieties, large reserves. In the current non-metallic minerals have been proven, flake graphite, fluorite, bauxite, magnesite, coal kaolin, wollastonite, bentonite, talc and quartz and other 9 kinds of reserves, ranks first in the world, resource endowments superior, output and export volume ranking first in the world, or the forefront. The past 50 years, the world's non-metallic mineral production in 1950 increased to 40.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2000 to 210 billion U.S. dollars, is expected by 2020 over 4,000 billion U.S. dollars. As the world's largest suppliers of non-metallic mineral, China has developed the use of more than 130 kinds of minerals, non-metallic mineral products and manufactured goods have been exported to 130 countries and regions.
But in China, non-metallic mining industry has become vulnerable groups. Zhan Zhang believes that the institutional and resource management mechanisms leading to non-metallic minerals industry, the biggest problem is fine, insufficiently developed. In economically developed countries, non-metallic mineral production value is 2-3 times the value of metallic minerals. In China, though they have many advantages in minerals, but because of lack of scientific and technological strength, can only be rough-based products, high-end products have been monopolized by foreign enterprises. "These mineral resources in China is small, on the other countries is large; in our country and it seems inexhaustible, to other countries is the scarcity of rare, we can not neglect our own advantages minerals management, and be satisfied with a low level of raw materials export. "Zhang Zhan said.
October 30, 2009, Ministry of Land Resources and other 12 ministries and commissions jointly issued the "further promote the development of mineral resources on the integration of the notice." January 2, 2010, the State Council issued Document No. 1 "on an integrated approach to the refractory clay of fluorite exploration and production control." In this context, China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association organized a forum for such a purpose is very clear, that is called for in the international market occupies an important position, "small and special", "small but important" non-metallic mineral resources in the early into national direct management's attention. Delegates have even expect the concept to be extended to the industry into the country "Shier Wu" and longer term development planning and scientific and technological innovation plan.


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