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Jaw Crusher nesting population adjustment

The hardness of gravel and its causes are intrinsically necessary connection. Some high-quality sandstone structure is very close, even more than the hardness of granite. In durability, the sandstone with marble, granite comparable. Jaw Crusher can break the hardness of the granite in this category,One hundred years ago many built with sandstone buildings still has style, charm still exist. Venue to be stacked sandstone formation, solid; sand pile to be Sprayed Sprayed stacked stone according to size specifications; gravel pile pressure on people step on non-car; best not to use bulldozers and piled up sand and installed grab for the country, to prevent the soil into the gravel in
Jaw Crusher is a coarse stone production line stone crusher broken in the stone after stone production line process feeder usually go through the large jaw crusher ..
Jaw Crusher is a coarse stone production line stone crusher broken in the stone after stone production line processes are usually the first feeder jaw crusher after the initial broken chunks of stone is a large stone crushing into a small stone and then facilitate the entry of impact sand making machine or other central stone crusher for further crushing, so jaw crusher nesting population adjusted to adjust to the entire stone production line can proceed smoothly and efficiency, So how jaw crusher nesting population adjusted? generally have about two main ways: by means of hydraulic breakers hydraulic cycle, the spindle is located in the hydraulic cylinder of the plunger, the change under the plunger hydraulic oil can change the volume up and down the cone crusher location, thus changing the nesting population size. Overload, the spindle downward pressure to force the plunger into the hydraulic oil under the hydraulic system of the accumulator, so broken down cone to increase the nesting along the mouth of discharge material into the crushing chamber with a non-broken materials (iron, wood, etc.) to achieve insurance; or using mechanical means, the spindle nut to adjust the top, rotate adjusting nut, cone can be broken down or up, so I followed nesting larger or smaller, overloaded, by cutting off the pin on the drive pulley in order to achieve security.


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