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Shanghai Clirik Grinding Mill application of the solid waste


 Grinding machine is essential in today's construction industry, mining equipment, it is the the , fine grinding after the most Equipment, flour mill stone can be said of today's paper, paint, grinding, and other ores, non-ore crushing the best equipment. With the recent The frequent occurrence of natural disasters, warning people to protect the environment without delay, the focus of a national solid waste management solutions and strong support Emission reduction projects, therefore, solid waste disposal milling machine has good application prospects. Slag processing and steel processing, and slag, slag processing equipment will be two major potential markets in the future. Following treatment for the Slag: Slag is a high Furnace iron making, steel making the inevitable product of the production process, such as refining 1 ton of steel each have 12% to about 14% of the slag, slag utilization rate is currently about 10%. Slag DUMPING a waste of resources, environmental pollution, destruction of ecological landscape, occupation of land, does not meet the recycling economy and sustainable development of the basic national policy. National "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" issued a comprehensive utilization rate of smelting slag 86% of the target, making the slag iron and steel enterprises are facing a "zero emissions" Urgent task. Slag processing, first of all you can use for coarse jaw crusher broken, and then use the crusher, cone crusher for secondary Crusher, and then use the impact crusher (sand making machine) for three broken, and if the material needed to reach the fineness can also use the mill , Fine grinding mill. Slag, slag processing equipment. China's current steel slag recycling rate was 19.9%, well below the world average of 48.3%. The main steel slag Component is calcium, iron, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, manganese, phosphorus oxides formed. Utilization of steel slag is a major steel company in-house through Ring use, its been crusher, sand making machine, milling machine, after the series of crushing equipment for processing, can be used as solvent instead of lime, blast furnace or sintering return Raw materials as iron-smelting furnace, can also be used for roadbed, railway embankment as
well as cement raw materials, soil and so on.
Shanghai Clirik professional to create the milling machine, in particular desulfurization mill, which can achieve the sound of solid waste disposal, reduction Technology and resources. Desulfurization mill for crushing medium-hard ores and above the rocks and limestone desulphurization plant, slag, slag , Grinding slag recycling. With the general structure of Raymond mill compared with a reliable, high efficiency, easy adjustment, the use of economic Features, positive response from the state's solid waste disposal to the call.


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