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Jaw crusher common faults: jaw crusher cause analysis and re

1: Jaw crusher host suddenly stop
A, discharging mouth jam, cause full plugging material: remove discharging mouth, ensure discharging unblocked forming
B, drive slot wheel rotation triangle belt too loose, cause belt skid: adjustable tight or replace triangle leather belt
C, eccentric shaft tight set bushings loose, cause frame within the bearing on both sides, make partiality axis without clearance, cannot turn: card to die reinstall or replace tight set bushing
D, work site voltage is too low, the host; and the inability to meet after crushing: reset workplace voltage with host working voltage requirements
E, bearing damage: replacement bearings

2: Jaw crusher host slot wheel, dynamic operation, but broken hubei work to stop.
A, taut spring fracture: replacement taut spring
B, gudgeon link: replacement rods
C, elbow board deciduous or fracture: reinstall or replace cubits board

3: Jaw crusher production factory standard reach
A, being broken material of hardness or toughness than specifications stipulated scope: change or add crusher
B, motor connection position at the host open the car (dynamic hubei clockwise, motor triangle meet method meet law: pick up into star swap motor wiring
C, discharging KouXiao in the specified limit: discharging mouth adjust to manual nominal discharging prescribed mouth and increase the crusher for finely
D, hubei board shift, tooth crest and tooth crest relative: check from gear plate size, such as gear is to replace standards.could hubei board, reset fixed hubei board and activities of the relative position, hubei board to ensure tooth root cap, fixed tightly, prevents shifting
E, working site voltage is too low: adjustable high voltage the work site, adapting host overloaded requirements
F, dynamic hubei and bearing large clearance after wearing, bearing outer ring happen relative rotation: replacement bearing or move hubei

4: Jaw crusher activities and fixed hubei board has beating or work whomp.
A, hubei plate bolt looseness or the complete set or drop: tight the bolt
B, discharging mouth is too small, two hubei plate collisions between: reset the bottom discharging mouth, ensure the correct clearance two hubei board

5: Jaw crusher cubits plate fracture
A, host overload or greater than the size of material feeding port enter: replace cubits board and control feeding particle size, and prevent host overload
B, have not broken objects into the crushing cavity: replacement cubits board and adopt measures to prevent the broken objects into the crushing cavity
C, elbow to elbow board between board is not parallel, mat deflection: replacement cubits board and replace has worn cubits board mat, properly installed cubits board
D, casting a more serious casting defects: replacement qualified cubits board.

6: Jaw crusher spring break
Adjustable small discharging mouth, not relax spring: replace the spring

7: adjust seat is broken
A, elbow board, elbow board pad to purchase or restructuring, do not accord with automakers design requirement: replace adjust seat and replace the assembly makers original cubits board, elbow plate MATS
B, adjust seat retaining bolt looseness: replacement adjust seat and adjust seat bolts. Tighten set
C, adjust seat has serious casting defects or welding defects: replace adjust seat

8: Jaw crusher eccentric shaft to bend or break
A, the host hoisting side tumbling occurred in the process, making unilateral eccentric shaft bending stress; Replacement of the eccentric shaft hoisting, correct host;
B, being broken hardness of over product manuals that provision; Replacement of the eccentric shaft of material, by crushing the compressive strength, choose adaptation of the crusher;
C, host long-term ChaoFu operation; Replacement of the eccentric shaft, reset homework load or replace adaptation of the crusher;
D, elbow board, the broken standards.could crushing cavity when the thing into cut the protection; Replacement of the eccentric shaft, do not use discrepancy design standards cubits board, elbow board mat;
E, eccentric shaft heat treatment is undeserved, stress concentration, cause short-term fracture. Replacement of the eccentric shaft, use heat treatment qualified partiality axis.

9: Jaw crusher the hubei type broken motor hubei fracture.
A, casting left intensive stoma serious defects: replacing dynamic hubei
B, use unqualified cubits board, elbow plate MATS, crusher, cubits in strong impact has not occurred off the protection board, and dynamic hubei, replaced the original cubits change shock-resistant production boards, cubits board pad
C, dynamic hubei occurred within the frame, end displacement at the bottom edge guard board: collision frame, and correct change dynamic hubei assembly partiality axis, bearings, tight set bushing and dynamic hubei, replace the damaged parts
D, rod spring tension failure still does not change in time: to replace move hubei, and replace bars spring;
E, discharging KouXiao in the specified limit: replacement move according to the requirements, and hubei adjust discharging port
F, feeding position incorrect, under the end or leaning hopper materials is too steep Angle collide directly move hubei head: replace move, and increase in hubei, ensure that next makings uniform hopper, smooth, and from the middle to the two edge. Portion

10: Jaw crusher frame housing or move in high temperature of hubei
A, bearing fault oil or oil injection by manual regulation, too: a quantitative refueling on
B, oil hole jams, oil to add not into: cleaning oil tanker hole, blockage
C, fly tank round running deviation, counterweight block position beat: reset factory-installed counterweight flying slot wheel position block
D, tight set bushings happen axial channeling move: remove arm bearing cover, lock tight set bushing and dismantling the flywheel or groove wheel, the replacement of the tight set bushing
E, bearing wear or keep frame damage etc: replacement bearings
F, the bearing temperature rise of hubei, but move with sealed cover friction fever or frame with spindle bearing double embedded cover, friction fever: turning together with seal sets, cover replacement or loosen frame of bearing on bearing cover fever end with fuse with embed cover, pressed into the frame together bearing the slot, then decided to eliminate the bearing cover, embedded cover rotation


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