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Application of silica powder in eight industries

Application of silica powder in eight industries

 Quartz sand is a hard, wear-resistant, high-chemical stability silicate mineral. It is made of mined quartz ore which manufactured by stone mill, generally below 120meshs fineness (less than 120meshs). Quartz powder also calls silica powder. And more than 120meshs products are known as quartz powder, also known as silica powder.

Quartz powder is a kind of micro powder that manufactured by natural quartz which through crushing, grinding, frotation and other multichannel processes. Particle size is in the range of 0.1-0.3 microns.

Uses of silica micro powder: dry-mixed( premixed ) mortar, strength non-shrinkage grouting material, grinding industrial floor, warm mortar, preservatives, Nicky polymerization water technology dimension, rubber, plastics, paints, coatings, and other reinforced polymer materials, modification of ceramic products etc.

Quartz powder regardless of rank, only points specifications. Because of its high brightness, no impurities, low iron content, quartz powder has particularly broad range of applications:

  1. Glass industry: the main raw material of plate glass, float glass, glassware(glass cans, glass bottles, glass tube, and so on), optical glass, glass fiber, glass apparatus, and radiation-shielding conductive glass, glass cloth and radiation-shielding special glass.
  2. Ceramics and refractories: the raw material of china’s embryo materials and glaze materials, high silica bricks for kilns, common silica bricks, and carborundum.
  3. Building trade: concrete , gelled material, roadmaterials, manu-marble, the physical properties of cement test materials (cementtestingsand) etc.
  4. Chemical industry : the raw material of silicon compound and soluble glass, the padding of sulfuric acid towder, Amorphous silica micro powder
  5. Machinery industry: foundry sand saw material, grinding materials(sandblasting, hard abrasive paper, sandpaper and Emery cloth etc.)
  6. Electronics: high-purity silicon metal, communications using optical fiber
  7. Rubber, plastic industry: filler(improves wear resistance)
  8. Paint: filler(can improve weatherability of coating).

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