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Limestone fine & ultrafine powder application and processing

The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate. The limestone ore get crushed and grinded, then get ground calcium carbonate, that is GCC.Limestone fine and ultrafine powder are widely used in plastic, rubber, adhesives, food industry, etc. 
Limestone fine & Ultrafine Powder Used in Plastics
GCC is widely used as functional filling material in plastic products, comprising up to 25% of the volume, adding density, improving rheology and reducing cost. GCC is often coated with additives such as stearates to aid bonding within the plastic. This function can finished by powder modifying machine.
Limestone fine & Ultrafine Powder Used in Rubber
GCC is useful as an extender and in controlling the flow properties of products which are to be molded or extruded.

Limestone fine & Ultrafine Powder Used in Paper
Fine grades of GCC are used extensively in paper manufacturing. Consistent particle sizing and color are essential. As an alkali material it reduces acidity of paper, improving the durability of printed material.
Limestone fine & Ultrafine Powder Used in Adhesives & Sealants
Limestone (GCC) is used as a filler and viscosity control additive in sealants, joint fillers, grouts and ceramic tile adhesives (CTA's). Sometimes GCC can constitute up to 80% of the formulation.
Limestone fine & Ultrafine Powder Used in Food
GCC is used as an inexpensive dietary calcium supplement and antacid. Food grade Calcium carbonate (E170) is added to all brown and white flour products all over the world.
Limestone fine & Ultrafine Powder Used in Household Products
Polishing and cleaning products often use limestone as a mild abrasive or inert binder. Finely ground limestone will not scratch glass, ceramics or steel surfaces.
Limestone fine & Ultrafine Powder Used in Paints
GCC is used as functional filler and pigment extender in a variety of coatings including decorative paints, industrial coatings, road-marking paints, protective coatings, textured finishes, plasters and wood finishes.
Limestone fine & Ultrafine Powder Used in Pharmaceuticals
Calcium carbonate is used as inert filler in tablets and as base carrier for veterinary products.
Limestone fine & Ultrafine Powder Processing
For fine and ultrafine limestone powder processing, ball mill, Raymond mill and vertical roller mill cannot meet the output size. Aa a professional China grinding mill manufaturer, for fine and ultrafine grinding, we can use micro powder grinding mill, the fineness can get D97 30-2500 mesh (74-5 micron) adjusted.

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