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Clirik Ultra Fine Calcium Carbonated Vertical Roller Mill

Calcium carbonated has a hardness of 3, and the density of calcite is 2.6-2.94, the stone powder is insoluble in water; so there are many kinds of stone powder grinding mills can be used in calcium carbonate powder grinding, and we usually said that the calcium carbonate is one of stones which is easier to grinding in most of stone materials. Today, I will introduce one of high efficiency and high output calcium carbonate grinding mills for you---”Calcium Carbonate Ultra Fine Vertical Roller Mill”.

There are mainly three advantages makes the calcium carbonate ultra fine vertical roller mill so popular on the market.

calcium carbonate ultra fine vertical roller mill

First. Fineness Could Be Adjusted&High Fineness

In general, we call the stone powder which less than 200 mesh as superfine powder, and the common finest powder fineness made by the superfine powder grinding mill on the market no more than 3000 mesh, but the ultra fine vertical roller mill can process the calcium carbonate powder until 10000 mesh.
According to the final fineness, the ultra fine vertical roller mill has three grades grinding.
1. 600-1250 mesh(common grinding);
2. 1250-3000 mesh(after two classifying);
3. 3000-10000 mesh(by the wet method grinding).

Second. Environmental Friend&Low Noise

The new technology ultra fine vertical roller mill is more environment friendly, there is the dust collector was be set on vertical roller mill, and the grinding rollers and grinding disc don’t touch each other directly, so there does not have the metal impact noise in low vibration. Compared with other grinding mills, the running noise is 20-25db lower which would hurt human’s body.

Finally. Energy Saving&Long Service Life

compare with other grinding mills, under the premise of producing the same number calcium carbonate powder, the power consume can be saved 20%-30% by using the calcite ultra fine vertical roller mill. And the service life of vertical roller mill is longer than superfine powder grinding mill.

Are you interested in Clirik calcium carbonate ultra fine vertical roller mill? If you are, welcome to inquiry. We will arrange the private consultant for you, to solve your problems, thanks for your reading.

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