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Why the Output of My Ultrafine Powder Grinding Mill will Descend?

With the continuous expanding of stone powder industry, there will be higher requirements for production technique. However the equipment problems have been always troubling ores processing companies and manufacturers. To speed up the technique transition of ultrafine powder grinding mill is the urgent need because its output will descend in the production. Why the output will decline?

ultrafine powder grinding mill

Generally speaking, ultrafine powder grinding mill can adjust its product fineness from 300 to 3000 mesh. The finer the fineness of finished powder, the larger the energy consumption. The capacity is inversely proportional to the fineness, if you need high fineness the capacity will naturally be low.
ultrafine powder grinding mill

The performance of raw materials such as Moh’s hardness, moisture, weight and so on. If the raw materials are hard to grind, in order to fully exploit the grinding effect, the grinding roller will add its grinding pressure, thus the damage to ultrafine powder grinding mill will correspondingly increase, which will reduce its capacity.

If the raw materials are too moist, the fine powder are easy to cling to each other when ultrafine powder grinding mill is working, they even stick to the spare parts to lower the working efficiency. At the same time, the finished powder may possibly stock the circulating channel, classifier and feeder, the output will fail to meet the standard requirements.

Above are main factors that influence the output. Unsuitable operation, not timely changing wear parts, failing to add lubricating oil etc will also descend the output.

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