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CLUM Vertical Roller Mill Powder Processing

CLUM vertical roller mill  can be widely used in the industries of mining, chemicals, metallurgy, non-metallic ores and other different industries. In particular, it’s outstanding in processing white superfine stone powders, providing superior quality fillers and additives for paper making, coating materials, plastics, rubber, PVC, printing ink and so on. The CLUM vertical roller mill can be extensively used to process superfine dry powder, such as: calcite, calcium carbonate, carbon black, marble, limestone, dolomite, gypsum and so on.

When the CLUM vertical roller mill at working, the grinding plate is rotated by the main motor via the reduction gear. Meanwhile, high pressure air enters the vertical roller mill interior via the air inlet. Materials then fall onto the center of the grinding plate in rotation by screw conveyor feeder. Due to the centrifugal force, the materials evenly move form the center of the grinding plate towards its fringe. While passing across the track in the grinding plate, large blocks of materials are crushed and grind directly by the grinding roller. The fine particles form the materials bed, owing to squeezing, where the inter particle crushing takes place until grind to the fine powder.

The fine powder continue to move towards the fringe of the grinding plate until they are taken away by strong air flow at the air ring. While the materials along with the air flow pass through the separator located above the grinding plate, the coarse particles return to the grinding plate for re-pulverizetion due to the action of the rotor blade, the fine particulars along with the air flow leave the vertical roller mill interior and are collected and discharged as finished powder product by the powder collector.

CLUM vertical roller mill

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