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Ultra Fine Calcium Carbonate Grinding Mill

Calcium carbonate is a common natural mineral resource, which is divided into heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate. Generally, it can be widely used in various industries after being processed into fine powder. Ultra fine calcium carbonate grinding mill is a common calcium carbonate powder processing machine.

Heavy calcium carbonate, also known as heavy calcium, is often used in the industry to make inorganic fillers. According to the different fineness after processing, heavy calcium is also divided into different specifications, such as single fly powder, double fly powder and so on. The processing process of heavy calcium powder is very simple, that is, using fine crushing, conveying, industrial milling equipment to process mineral raw materials containing calcium carbonate, the equipment that can be used mainly includes jaw crusher, heavy calcium superfine mill, conveying Machine and so on.

Light calcium carbonate is also called light calcium. It is an industrial raw material obtained by using limestone as raw material, high temperature calcination, water digestion, carbon dioxide carbonization, dehydration, drying, cooling, crushing and sieving. Light calcium powder can be used as a filler in industries such as plastics, paper, rubber, paints and inks. It can also be used in daily cosmetics such as toothpaste and cosmetics. It can also be used in medicine, metallurgy, and chemical industries.

Heavy calcium powder and light calcium powder have obvious requirements on the fineness and purity of the finished product. The medium-speed mill and ultra fine grinding mill produced by Shanghai Clirik can effectively solve such problems, especially for the processing of heavy calcium powder, the effect is even better. The medium-speed grinding and sealing system, together with the pulse dust removal equipment used, can ensure the dust and noise pollution of the raw materials during the processing, and the equipment has good stability and high efficiency during operation. It is a heavy calcium mill. A very popular one.

The calcium carbonate ultra fine powder processed by this kind of heavy calcium carbonate processing equipment has a fineness of 300-2500 mesh, which can be adjusted freely. The use of different fineness of calcium carbonate ultra fine powder is different, customers can produce according to their actual needs, and generally fly. The fineness of the powder is not high, and the approximate fineness is about 300 mesh. One of the main advantages of using this type of equipment to process calcium carbonate is that it can be said that the processing of heavy calcium powder to a higher fine cut yield is relatively large.

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